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Yamaha P-140 Digital Piano

Lightly used and has been treated with love and care.

Comes with the bench, stand, music holder
and sustain pedal.

Come and play it! It's in our great room.

(no shipping)


(Candice Crockett)

With nothing more than colored yarn and simple cardboard quares, you can produce exquisitely patterned belts and straps, silk trims and ties, wall art, even hefty rugs and mats. Color and b&w photos and illustrations. 144 pgs.



The smallest of "looms". Cards are 3-3/8" square with a round hole at each rounded corner. Made from top-grade bristol stock, tough, smooth, and long-wearing.

The warp goes through the holes of several cards held side by side. "Sheds" are made by rotating cards. The simplest kind of weaving equipment, but not the simplest kind of weaving.

pkg/20 $5.00ppd

Soft, fragrant, clean yarn . . . .
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Eucalan "No Rinse" Woolwash   Lanolin enriched concentrate provides easy, tender loving care for all fine washables. Use 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. 16.9 oz bottle. Eucalyptus or Lavender $15.95

Meadows Wool Wash  Naturally moth repellent specialty soap for yarn and fiber. Scent: Penny Royal 16-oz bottle $13.95 discontinued; only Penny Royal is left

Fibermaster by Meadows Wool Wash - Heavy duty stain and grease remover. Excellent for washing fleeces. 16-oz bottle $16.95

Length: 7.75"
Finished oak


The lucet is a simple tool used for making cords and drawstrings, and was in common use in Europe as far back as the 16th century. The basic lucet cord uses a single thread to make a square braid. The lucet is packaged with basic instructions.  
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