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ASHFORD BOOK OF DYEING $30.50 (Ann Milner) In a book that relates to both beginners and experienced dyers, a step-by-step approach describes fabrics, fibers, relevant dyes and techniques. It includes chapters on natural and chemical dyeing, protein and cellulose fibers, bath and direct application dyeing, novelty effects, using the sun and microwave oven, principles of working with color, how to recreate a specific color, and much more. Color photos. 192 pgs.

$31.95 (Deb Menz) A paperbound edition of this classic guide to color for handspinners is finally here! Menz draws on 20 years of experience teaching and experimenting with color techniques to offer a technically savvy yet accessible tutorial on working with color and fiber. Written expressly for the handspinner seeking new adventures in color, this comprehensive manual presents in-depth discussions and step-by-step photographed demonstrations of immersion dyeing, painting rovings, blending colors and fibers, and spinning and plying multicolored preparations. And for those spinners who are color challenged, a useful chapter on understanding color principoes will give you the skills needed to easily work with color. Whether you're a novice or an expert, no spinner's library is complete without this book. Paperbound, 8-1/2 x 11", 240 pages, more than 300 color and black-and-white photographs, 55 iillustrations.

The Crafter's Guide to Color

Succcessfully working with color is a skill anyone can learn. Deb Menz brings the principles of color theory down to a practical level and applies them to knitting, spinning, beadwork, weaving, surface design (including stenciling and rubber stampling), quilting, hand and machine embroidery, and paper collage. Color harmonies are worked up in each medium. More than 270 swatches demonstrate the elements you need to successfully work with color. See samples that illustrate color values, contrasting and complementary colors, warm and cool colors, undertones, how to use color relationships, and much more. A 32-page "Toolkit" includes a pull-out color wheel and a handy section of perforated hue cards that you can remove and use for planning, matching, and shopping for materials for your next project. Covered spiral binding. 152 pgs.


$26.50 ppd


A DYER'S GARDEN: From Plant to Pot - Growing Dyes for Natural Fibers $16.00 (Rita Buchanan) bk521I Take a walk through a dye garden, from design to planting to harvesting. The friendly manner in which the author has written, the colorful photographs, and the wide variety of information presented add up to a book you'll use often. 112 pgs

A WEAVER'S GARDEN: Growing Plants for Natural Dyes and Fibers $11.25 (Rita Buchanan) bk087d This practical guide by a veteran botanist and horticulturist provides weavers and gardeners alike with a wealth of information on growing plants for use in weaving and dyeing projects. Beginning with the history and uses of plant fibers, A Weaver's Garden then offers valuable hints on dyeing fibers and fabrics and how to use soap plants for cleaning textiles. Readers will also find expert advice on fragrant plants for scenting and protecting textiles, what plant materials to use as tools, how to plan and create a garden containing cotton, flax, indigo, madder, fuller's teasel, woad, and many other useful plans. Includes a glossary, pronunciation guide, and an abundancee of illustrations. Unabridged Dover reproduction of the 1987 Interweave Press edition. 240 pgs.

EARLY AMERICAN WEAVING & DYEING $9.00 (J.& R. Bronson) bk067D Unabridged, slightly corrected republication of the 1817 edition, originally titled The Domestic Manufacturer's Assistant and Family Directory in the Arts of Weaving and Dyeing. A valuable source of early weaving drafts and authentic dye recipes for those who know the fundamentals of weaving and dyeing. 204 pgs.

HANDS ON DYEING $18.00 (Blumenthal & Kreider) bk083I Easy to follow instructions open a whole world of color! Uses readily available dyes and common home equipment. Covers the different classes of dyes, their strengths and weakness, and how and when to use them. Presents the basics of color blending. Nice projects too! One of our best sellers. 120 pgs.

INDIGO, MADDER & MARIGOLD: A portfolio of Colors from Natural Dyes $33.95 (Trudy VanStralen) bk272I The rich, complex blues, greens, purples, reds, teals, golds, and browns of Renaissance tapestries and oriental rugs all came from natural dyes, and so do the glorious hues in this book. Using traditional dyestuffs, minimal mordants, and a creative approach to dye mixing, overdyeing, and pH modification, the author hows the dyer how to produe a stunning range of colors from just a few dyepots. Dozens of full-page photographs present a feast of color on fibers, yarns, and fabrics, along with instructions and recipes for reproducing them. Hardcover. 128 pgs.

KNITTING WITH HAND DYED YARNS $30.25 (Burnes, Blaydes & Tosten) bk033L This gorgeous collection of 20 projects reveals how to choose, use and show off hand-dyed yarns to their best effect. These easy-to-knit sweaters are based on simple knit, purl and slipped stitches. Make pullovers, cardigans, vests and two sweaters for men.


The Twisted Sisters
Sock Workbook
Dyeing, Painting, Spinning, Designing, Knitting

(Lynne Vogel)  The title gives a big clue: this book is about sisterhood, sharing, crafting, giving, laughing. It's also about spinning yarn and making socks - glorious, zany, wildly colorful yarn for perfect-fitting socks. The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook has it all - techniques, patterns, invaluable tips - for creating authentic, perfect, made-to-order footwear. Even socks for new babies or socks with ten toes. 96 pgs. $20.50

WEAVING, SPINNING AND DYEING BOOK $46.95 (Rachel Brown) bk161G This book is big and full of information on dyeing, spinning, and weaving with clear step-by-step directions and illustrations. You'll learn about: Dyeing, with natural and synthetic dyes. Design and color. Weaving methods and tools. Designing and finishing techniques. Spinning, from choosing a fleece through cleaning, carding, spinning on handspindles and wheels. Virtually every kind of loom, from inexpensive primitive looms to more conventional treadle looms, is explained, some with building instructions. Instructions for more than 50 weaving projects. There's even a chapter on pricing your work and selling it. Sources of suppliers for everything in the book! 366 pgs.


yarns to DYE for
creating self-patterning yarns for knitting

$23.50ppd (KathleenTaylor)

Create self-patterning yarn like the pros! This new book offers an easy, inexpensive, and fun way to dye your own self-patterning yarns. No other book details this intriguing process. Kathleen Taylor guides you through each step: selecting yarns and equipment, wrapping and tying skeins and balls for dyeing, painting and dyeing yarns, and knitting quick and simple garments that show off your marvelous yarns. Projects include: mittens and fingerless gloves; hats, headbands and scarves; lots of socks; leg warmers and slippers; sweater, shells, and vests; children's and adult's patterns. design ideas for variations and improvising. Color photos, paperback. 101 pgs  
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