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 "Pluto, LEAP!"  
(Detta and Pluto 11/06)

 Pluto helps out with phone calls (9/06)

Ever wish the old country store still existed? Well, we're not on a corner and we don't have a screen door, but the relationship we've got with our customers seems to feel more neighborly than "customerly." Come when you don't need to hurry. Try out different spinning wheels and spindles, look at books, feel and test-spin fibers, try your hand at weaving. Relax and feel like a kid again!

The shop is located in our house and is open whenever I'm home, Monday-Saturday, 10am-7pm. We're located 36 miles west of Minneapolis, just off Hwy 55. You'll want to call first to make sure I'll be here. Appointments to come out, made well in advance, work fine. So do those last minute phone calls when you suddenly realize you've got a slot of time for a quick trip out or when you happen to be in the area. We're pretty easy!

As I work at the computer, with Pluto the Poodle under my feet and Porky (the rescue pup with cashmere fur) sleeping nearby, I feel almost the peace of spinning. But there's so much to present, it's always changing, and it's hard to keep up. Catalogs are a thing of the past, so the website, e-mails, phone calls, and shop visits carry the load. I look forward to doing business with you.

Happy "fibering" in the way that you enjoy the most!

Detta Juusola


Our family - Christmas 2007 - We were ALL there!
Jana, Bill, Detta, Toni, Nohl (Punt), Brock (Goose), Willy, Logan, Jay, Davin (Buddy),
Lance, Brent (Sheeto), Marla, Jessie, Dustin, Jared (Geege)

Tubby and Detta 2004

In Memory

This is my son, Dustin, and me with a Country Craftsman spinning wheel. (1996)

Detta's Spindle

209 9th St NW, Buffalo, MN 55313 
       Phone 763-682-4389
e-mail: dettasspindle@yahoo.com
You may order by phone, mail, or e-mail.