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The Story of a Happy Dog who Kept her Famiy Warm

$11.95  (Detta Juusola) bknikki This delightful true story will entertain and educate youngsters and adults alike as Nikki, a Samoyed, shares her fur with her family. A happy and playful dog, she provides soft, fluffy fur to be made into a beautiful blanket. After months of brushing, spinning and knitting, the lovely blanket is finished. Nikki looks at it and smiles. She has shared her coat to keep her family warm. The book contains an inspiring section for people who are interested in learning to spin. Easy to understand instructions take the reader from the beginning stage of collecting the dog's hair to the final product - beautiful yarn. A yarn sample is included. 64 pgs.




$10.95  (Detta Juusola & Lavona Keskey)  bksunny   We knit socks. Sunny, a lively Golden Retriever puppy, steals socks. Follow along as Sunny and his young handler, Marla, work their way through a beginning dog obedience class, transforming a young ruffian into a canine good citizen. Story is followed by a chapter on basic dog obedience. Spinners and knitters will enjoy seeing their craft portrayed in the charming illustrations. 64 pgs. (P.S. Sunny still likes socks. He'll meet you at the door when you visit the shop, but promises not to take yours. He'll autograph your book too.)



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