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ASHFORD SPINNING & WEAVING VIDEO 46 minutes $13.50 This video demonstrates the variety and use of Ashford spinning and weaving equipment, Wheels, looms and accessories are assembled and shown with clear how-to and tips on use. You'll see drum carding, spinning and weaving in process. If you are wondering what spinning and weaving are all about, or would like to see a run-through of the whole process, you'll want this video. The lovely finished products will spur you on to make your own!

INTRODUCTION TO WEAVING 57 minutes $31.50 (Deborah Chandler) This video is designed for the new weaver. It introduces you to the tools, yarns, vocabulary, projects, and types of weaving and equipment that will help you choose a direction that is just right for you. You learn how to calculate and measure yarn quantities needed and to wind up your warp using a warping board, an essential ingredient to all weaving and one you will refer back to often as you continue to explore weaving. This video serves as a prerequisite to all other weaving courses for those of you who are new to weaving.

RIGID HEDDLE WEAVING - Level 1 93 minutes $36.50 (Betty Davenport) If you've always wanted to weave but don't have space for a large floor loom, this is a great way to get started. Betty will amaze you with what this small, inexpensive, and very portable rigid heddle loom can do. She guides you through two warping processes and offers tips and techniques as you weave a beautiful wool scarf. Finishing techniques, including washing and fringe treatment, are also presented. You'll weave a set of cotton placemat, using pickup sticks to create different weave structures. Pickup pattern instructions are included on the written insert. Introduction to Weaving is a prerequisite to this course unless you know how to calculate and measure the warp.

86 minutes $36.50 (Deborah Chandler) You begin by measuring the warp on a warping board and warping the loom from front to back. You will learn how to read a weaving draft (pattern), how to tie-up the loom (direct tie-up), and how to weave a number of different weave structures from the pattern draft that is provided. You will explore plain weave, basket weave, rib weave with one and two colors, several twill combinations and the basics of doubleweave. (Note: If you have not woven before, Introduction to Weaving is a prerequisite.) You might also want to obtain a copy of Deborah's book, Learning to Weave

NAVAJO WEAVING - Sharing the Technique & Tradition 3 hours $42.50 This comprehensive video workshop begins with an introduction of your instructors and personal remarks by Navajo weaver, Angie Walker Maloney. It includes info on tools, yarn and equipment, and a look at several different styles of Navajo looms. You will learn how to spin and ply edging cord, prepare the warp, apply the edging cord and make the heddles. Tips on how to use the loom, create the sheds, and use the tools get you started. As you begin weaving, you will learn the secret of laying in the first row. You will learn how to weave stripes, vertical lines (by interlocking wefts on the same row), squares or blocks, diagonal and diamonds. You can follow along by weaving the design provided, or create one of your own based upon the discussion in "Planning a Rug Design," which includes specific information on weaving a design that reverses at the center of the rug. You will learn many tips and solutions to potential problems throughout the video. And, Angie's method of finished a rug the Navajo way is magic! All this, plus stories, traditions and rugs that will inspire.

TRIANGLE FRAME LOOM WEAVING MAGIC for Shawls, Blankets, Jackets & More 89 minutes $36.50 (Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser)   The magical loom that dresses itself! Weaving is done with a continuous strand of yarn for both warp and weft, by weaving loops inside previous loops, to create beautiful, imaginative body drapes, ponchos, blankets, and more. No weaving experience is necessary, although advanced techniques offer the experienced weaver unique, creative ways to express oneself. No individual yarns are measured and threaded through heddles or reeds, as with traditional weaving. There are very few calculations needed, so you're ready to start immediately. (After you get a loom, that is!) This video takes you through the step-by-step process of weaving a sample six-foot triangle shawl, using basic tabby, twill and leno lace weave structures. Carol Leigh shows you how to make color changes, how to easily correct mistakes, two ways of finishing a collar edge, and three ways to put triangle pieces together - one for ponchos, one for blankets, and one for ruanas and jackets. She'll show you how to full and nap your weaving for a professional fabric finish. You will learn methods of planning a project, appropriate yarns, and how to determine yarn quantities needed. Let your imagination go!

TRIANGULAR WEAVING - Frame Loom Techniques 60 minutes $31.50 (Barbara Borgerd) This clever handweaving technique requires a simple portable triangular frame loom which you can make following the written instructions. No loom warping, cutting, or measuring is required, and there is no waste since you weave with a continuous loop of yarn. As you make a small neckpiece, a "tri-baby," you'll learn about weaving, changing colors, correcting errors, fringe, neck edge finishes and blocking. Then you'll be ready to weave a beautiful scarf, shawl, or ruana on a larger frame using this same process. You'll be inspired by many beautiful pieces! A plus is the handwoven mohair flower pin you'll learn to make using a cardboard loom.