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The Little Shuttle A 7" shuttle with a beveled edge for backstrap, inkle, or child's weaving. Unfinished. $4.00ppd 

(Rowena Hart)  $25.50   bk005U  The rigid heddle loom is a simple, two-shaft loom which is excellent for learning and building a base for more complex weaving. This colorful book guides the new weaver through its many techniques, showing just how easy it is to make your woven creations come alive through color and texture. It's filled with color photos, showing the how-to and this-is-what-happens of weaves and patterns, wool locks and yarns. An exceptional book! Recommended book for all rigid heddle weavers! 75pgs.

ASHFORD BOOK OF TEXTURES & TOWELS FOR THE FOUR SHAFT LOOM (Elsa Krogh)  $13.00   bk004f   Towels are wonderful projects for the loom. You can weave small fingertip towels or large bath towels, thin dishtowels for the kitchen or bulky towels for the bathroom They are all useful and they make excellent gifts. For beginners there is consolation that a towel will do its job even if the weaving is slightly irregular and the edges not quite straight. For advanced weavers, weaving towels is an excellent way to test unusual color combinations, new yarns, and interesting techniques. In addition, a towel warp can be used for more than towels: make placemats, cushions, bags, and use up odds and ends of nice yarns and gorgeous colors. 32pgs.

(Candice Crockett)

With nothing more than colored yarn and simple cardboard quares, you can produce exquisitely patterned belts and straps, silk trims and ties, wall art, even hefty rugs and mats. Color and b&w photos and illustrations. 144 pgs.



The smallest of "looms". Cards are 3-3/8" square with a round hole at each rounded corner. Made from top-grade bristol stock, tough, smooth, and long-wearing.

The warp goes through the holes of several cards held side by side. "Sheds" are made by rotating cards. The simplest kind of weaving equipment, but not the simplest kind of weaving.

pkg/20 $6.95ppd

FINISHING TOUCHES FOR THE HANDWEAVER (Virginia West)  $22.95 bk069U "Certainly the hours of thought and effort involved in every little miracle of handwoven fibers warrant just a bit more time spent to complete an article with just the right finishing touch." Since it's publication over thirty years ago, Finishing Touches has been like a helping hand to weavers everywhere. Includes hemstitching, ways to secure fringe, decorative fringes, weaving fringes on the loom, details for bags, joining widths of handwoven materials, embroidery techniques as finishing touches. 96 pgs.

A HANDBOOK OF WEAVES 1875 Illustrations (G.H. Oelsner)  $17.50   bk187D  This 1915 reprint is a fully-indexed reference, a how-to book, and a storehouse of unusual information and practical suggestions. Covers from simple draft and plain weave to complicated fancy weaves, with text and 1875 working diagrams. A few of the many weaves fully explained, differentiated and illustrated in this volume are: irregular, double-stitched, and filling satins; basket and rib weaves; steep, undulating, broken, offset, corkscrew, interlocking , herringbone, and fancy twills; honeycomb and lace weaves; tricot and matelasse weaves; corded, pique, and kersey weaves; and literally hundreds more. There are 45 pages on crepe weaves alone. There is a section showing, with text and pictures, how one may obtain from a simple swatch of material, the full details of construction and layout of any fabric made: weave and color patterns, number of threads per square inch, weight of cloth, sizes of warp yarn and filling yarn, etc. A very in-depth reference. 402pgs.

A HANDWEAVER'S PATTERN BOOK (Marguerite Davison)  $41.00 This is THE pattern book for 4-harness weaving. Contains 345 threading directions ranging from simple twills to complicated techniques. These are illustrated with over 1200 weavings. Directions are set down in a simple diagram. Hardcover. 240 pgs.

HANDS ON RIGID HEDDLE WEAVING (Davenport) $27.00  This book is devoted entirely to the rigid heddle, from learning about the loom to equipment, yarn, and wonderful patterns and everything you need to know to make them. The rigid heddle loom is efficient, but still simple enough that you can see exactly what's happening as you weave. It is easy and fast to set up and is very portable: you can take it traveling or to workshops. The rigid heddle loom is appealing to beginning weavers, who can get started with a small investment and not find they've outgrown their equipment as soon as they get the hang of it, as well as to experienced weavers who value its thriftiness and versatility. 120 pgs.

 The Handweaver's Pattern Directory

Over 600 Weaves for 4-Shaft Looms

by Anne Dixon


  This weaving compendium is destined to become the next reference tool on every weaver's bookshelf! The Handweaver's Pattern Directory is a full-color practical guide to weave structures for 4-shaft looms that features drafts for 600 weaves including twill, zigzag, diamond, herringbone, block drafts, and specialized techniques. Each structure includes a color photograph, threading and treadling sequences, and degree of difficulty. Readers will find sections on tools and equipment, types of fibers and yarns, weaving basics, finishing techniques, ideas to encourage experimentation with different yarns, looms, and colors, and a full glossary of international weaving terminology.

The book is divided into five sections for clarity: straight draft, point draft, block weaves, lace weaves, and specialized techniques. Individual samples are shown actual size or bigger from the front view, with a detail showing the reverse view where this is of particular interest. For purposes of comparison and pattern clarity, for each two-page unit of samples, the same color thread is often used for warp or weft. Extended samples (gamps) use different threading drafts and thread color combinations to increase the range of options available to the weaver.

The compact size and lay-flat binding is convenient for keeping near the loom. As an added bonus, an extended flap carries an explanation of the weaving drafts, so beginner weavers can have the information at their fingertips. The Handweaver's Pattern Directory is a refresher for experienced weavers and a great starting point for new weavers learning their weave structures.

Hardbound with concealed wire-o, 7 x 914, 256 pages
650 photographs, 650 charts

HANDWOVEN'S DESIGN COLLECTION (Interweave Press ) These collections of weaving projects have complete, easy-to-follow instructions with colorful photos. Target your interest!
 #4 - $5.50 Outwear (16 coats, jackets, sweaters, scarves)
3 left
 #7 - $5.50 Simple Styles (clothing - jackets, vests, shirts - made with rectangles with minimal construction)
2 left
#13 - $5.50 Super Simple Tops (15 easy-to-weave tops, blouses, and a vest for all seasons)
3 left
#14 - $5.50 Weaving for Baby (blankets & wee garments)
1 left
#17 - $6.50 Jackets & Pullovers (from casual cotton tops to sophisticated silk/wool-blend jackets)
2 left
#20 - $11.95 Weekend Weaving Projects (quick projects, from totes to tablecloths; 32pgs)
1 left
The Handwoven Design Collection is being published in electronic form (pdf) by Intereave Press. Go to

HANDWOVEN MAGAZINE (Interweave Press ) $7.99   ma004  Published five times a year for more than 20 years, Handwoven is a weaver's constant companion. More than a collection of enticing projects - it's a weaver's address book, family album, journal, and "Dear Abby." It's a textile travelogue, pattern book, show catalog, weave structure textbook, a resource for filling shelves with yarns and books and interesting tools, a place to meet new teachers and friends, discover new patterns, learn to create original designs, plan weaving trips, and find solutions to weaving challenges. It's where weavers return issue after issue. Assorted back issues available. Please inquire.

LEARN TO WEAVE ON THE RIGID HEDDLE LOOM (Ashford ) $3.50  This is the instruction booklet that comes with the Ashford rigid heddle loom. It shows an extremely easy way of putting on a warp, along with the basics of weaving to get you started. 12 pgs.

 ASHFORD SPINNING & WEAVING VIDEO 46 minutes $13.50/VHS $15.95/DVD This video demonstrates the variety and use of Ashford spinning and weaving equipment, Wheels, looms and accessories are assembled and shown with clear how-to and tips on use. You'll see drum carding, spinning and weaving in process. If you are wondering what spinning and weaving are all about, or would like to see a run-through of the whole process, you'll want this video. The lovely finished products will spur you on to make your own!

LEARNING TO WEAVE (Chandler)  $26.25  Since its first printing a decade ago, Learning to Weave has become the standard text both for teachers and self-taught weavers. All you need to know to weave with confidence is here, including information on warping, reading and designing drafts, and the basics of weave structures. This revised edition includes a chapter on warping back-to-front and updated resource lists. Revised, hardcover. 232 pgs.

THE MAGIC OF HANDWEAVING: The Basics and Beyond (Sigrid Piroch)  $25.50  This is an extremely interesting book, as well as a valuable how-to resource for both new and experienced weavers. Sigrid Piroch is an experienced weaver who leads readers on a journey through the world of cloth. She guides you through the beginning stages of weaving, from planning and designing, to the final stages, when the beautiful piece of cloth is ready to take off the loom. You will learn about weavers around the world who weave cloth out of necessity, tradition, and art. This is a resource for all those with an interest in this amazing process, as well as those with a desire to learn how to do it. Lots of close-up photos and descriptions of a variety of looms, loom parts, tools, weave structures, color patterns, and useful and colorful projects. An exceptional book! Lots of color, 144 pgs.

MASTERING WEAVE STRUCTURES: Transforming Ideas Into Great Cloth (Sharon Alderman) $31.50 Interweave Press says this is the most important new weaving book they have published in almost 20 years! Sharon Alderman, one of the finest weavers in America, has written a book that teaches you the finer points of weave structure in the same personal way a friend would encourage and inspire you. Clear explanations, wonderful examples, and color photographs of stunning fabrics introduce you to the fundamental principles of weave structure. Beyond selecting or modifying a draft, Sharon also helps you make decisions about choosing the fibers and yarns you need to produce endlessly inventive fabrics. Comprehensive and detailed, the chapters cover plain weave, twills, satin, waffle weaves, distortions of the grid, three-element weaves, loom-controlled doubleweave, Bedford cords and piques, loom-controlled pile weave, and crepe weaves. This book is destined to become a classic and should be on every weaver's bookshelf. Paperback, 258 pgs.

NAVAJO WEAVING WAY: The Path from Fleece to Rug (Noel Bennett & Tiana Bighorse) $23.95 Warm in tradition and clear how-to instructions, this comprehensive book covers wool, carding, spinning, dyeing, and weaving samplers and rugs. 160 pgs.

ON WEAVING (Anni Albers) $21.50 Unlike a guide or how-to book, this unabridged republication of the 1965 edition approaches weaving from a visual and structural perspective, with remarks by the author on the priciples underlying the craft's techniques and appearances. Its extensive coverage includes hand weaving, the loom, fundamental construction, draft notation, modified and composite weaves, early techniques of thread interlacing, interrelation of fiber and construction, tactile sensibility, tapestry, and design. 121 illustrations depicting tapestries. lace blankets, and cloth from around the world, 112 b&w plates, 9 color illustrations. 204 pgs.

TAPESTRY WEAVING (Kristen Glasbrook) $23.50  bk223U    The tapestries in this book are all woven on simple rectangular frames. For those wanting to get started without a big investment, you can even use an old picture frame for a loom. Clear how-to instructions are accompanied by colorful photos. Lots of weaving information in this inspiring book.

THIS IS HOW I GO WHEN I GO LIKE THIS: Weaving and Spinning as Metaphor (Linda Collier Ligon) $18.25  bk 224I   A collection of provocative essays celebrating the handweaving world and 25 years of Handwoven Magazine. Paperbound with jacket. 152 pgs.

TIME TO WEAVE: Simply elegant projects to make in almost no time (Jane Patrick) $23.50  bk 234I  Turn everyday materials like paper, sticks, and string, and unusual materials like plastic sheeting, granite tiles, and rubberbacked floor runners into artful projects such as coasters. mats, greeting cards, window hangings, lamps, pillows, necklaces, and much more. Techniques include braiding, stringing, knotting, frame-loom weaving, straw weaving, and weaving over a pillow form. Each project focuses on the creative process as much as the finished project and each imbraces an appreciation for the natural world and encourages use of reconstructed, recycled, vintage and natural materials. You DO have time to weave! And what's more, you don't even need a loom! Color photos, 128 pgs.

WEAVERS BOOK OF 8-SHAFT PATTERNS (from the friends of Handwoven, edited by Carol Strickler) $41.50 This must-have draft book contains almost 1000 different patterns on more than 25 weave structures. Introductory chapters providee a thorough understanding of how each structure works. 240 pgs.

(Hadwoven Magazine) $21.50 You can't possibly remember it all, so save your brain for being creative. This small, sturdy book is full of details. Sett and sleying charts, warp and weft calculation formulas, finishing techniques, fiber information, how to fix mistakes, what to do when your loom jams, how hot should your wash water be, how to tell if that lovely mill end is really silk ......You get the idea! If you weave, you NEED this book. 112 pgs.

WEAVING A NAVAJO BLANKET (Tidball) $9.00 The author spent four summers living and working among the Navajos. She passes along what she learned in this book - Spinning, dyeing, equipment, designs, tensions and textures, history, patterns, symbolism. 222 pgs.

WEAVING CONTEMPORARY RAG RUGS (Heather Allen) $20.25 Weaving rag rugs is an immensely satisfying process that enables you to use cast-off remnants of fabric - and a favorite shirt or two - to make something beautiful and functional for your home. In this book, you'll explore the fascinating history of rag weaving, learn how to weaveore than 40 artists from around the world, this book is an inspiration as well as a valuable source of information. 127 pgs.

 The Ashford Book of
Weaving for the Four Shaft Loom

 The versatile four-shaft loom is popular with beginners and experienced craftspeople. Here award-winning weaver and teacher, Anne Field has written a comprehensive text specifically for this loom. It covers planning a warp, pattern drafting, weaving techniques and fourteen innovative projects. Projects in this book include: Two scarves, six tablemats, two cushions, upholstery fabric, surface-weave fabric, cotton jacket, stole, cocoon jacket, crossover shawl, overshot runner, weft-face hanging, tapestry hanging, warp-face hanging and double-width knee rugs. Clear color photos and line drawings. 175 pgs.

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WEAVING, SPINNING AND DYEING BOOK $46.95 (Rachel Brown) bk161G This book is big and full of information on spinning and weaving with clear step-by-step directions and illustrations. Virtually every kind of loom, from cardweaving to inexpensive primitive looms to more conventional treadle looms, is explained, some with building instructions. You'll learn about:  Weaving methods and tools. Designing and finishing techniques. Spinning, from choosing a fleece through cleaning, carding, spinning on handspindles and wheels. Dyeing, with natural and synthetic dyes. Design and color. More than 50 weaving projects. Pricing your work and selling it. Sources of suppliers for everything in the book! 366 pgs.

The guides that make weaving fun with techniques from European handweavers and the textile industry - - -
$41.50 (Peggy Osterkamp)
   Getting started (new weavers!), Beaming on a Plain Beam, Threading the loom & sleying the reed, Tying on, Tying up the treadles/weaving, Sectional beaming, Tying on new warps, Adjusting Looms, Automatic warp tension system, The warping drum/Sectional and plain beaming, Two or more warps, Designing random stripes, knots, Equipment/sources/yarns/index. 189 pgs.

WINDING A WARP & USING A PADDLE $41.50 (Peggy Osterkamp)
   Weaving basics, Equipment, Making your warps work, Your warp's path, The raddle groups, Warping, Securing the warp, Now for the Kitestick, Putting the warp in the raddle, Using a paddle, Sett, Planning a project, Appendix/sources/index. 134 pgs.

THE WOVEN COVERLETS OF NORWAY $44.50 (Katherine Larsen)
A showcase of some of Norway's most beautiful and enduring folk arts, this book looks at the role textiles played in the lives of women prior to the twentieth century. The author describes traditional methods of preparing, spinning, dyeing, and weaving wool and flax, and the tools with which these tasks were performed. She devotes chapters to the different types of coverlets and their origins: tapestry, square weave, krokbragd, double weave, rya, and overshot. Numerous illustrations show patterns from ages past, faithfully preserved in the coverlets of Norway. In addition, the book includes a wealth of bibliographic sources and a glossary of weaving terminolgy. Softcover, color and b&w photographs,191 pgs.

YOU CAN WEAVE: Projects for Young Weavers (Monaghan & Joyner) $23.50  You don't have to be an expert weaver to introduce weaving skills to children. You Can Weave provides illustrated step-by-step projects that build a foundation of weaving knowledge and skills. The projects rely on supplies that are readily available, such as paper, yarn, ribbon, string, rags, and beads. Children can learn and practice basic weaving processes by hand and on cardboard, frame, backstrap, and other wooden looms. The book provides easy-to-follow instructions for building the looms and a rigid heddle. Colorful examples of woven art throughout the book will inspire young weavers. Hardcover, 96 pgs.  
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