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The Kromski "Harp"
Rigid Heddle Loom

When you buy a Harp, you get everything you need to start weaving, except the yarn! The Harp includes the following: Folding rigid heddle loom made of European alder with a clear finish, 10-dent heddle, warping pegs for the built-in warping board, one clamping warping peg, two clamps, two stick shuttles, one pickup stick, heddle hook, and a "warp helper" set.

8" Loom $199.00   Stand $98.95
16" Loom $225.00   Stand $119.95
24" Loom $245.00   Stand $126.95
32" Loom $265.00   Stand $138.95

Additional heddles: 5, 8, 10, or 12 dpi
 8" $31.50
16"    $45.50
 24"     51.50
 32"     59.50

Ashford Everyone knows Ashford spinning wheels. Not everyone knows that Ashford also makes inkle, rigid heddle, and table looms. Check out their website.



ASHFORD BOOK OF RIGID HEDDLE WEAVING (Rowena Hart)  $25.50   bk005U  The rigid heddle loom is a simple, two-shaft loom which is excellent for learning and building a base for more complex weaving. This colorful book guides the new weaver through its many techniques, showing just how easy it is to make your woven creations come alive through color and texture. It's filled with color photos, showing the how-to and this-is-what-happens of weaves and patterns, wool locks and yarns. An exceptional book! Recommended book for all rigid heddle weavers! 75pgs.


 Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom

Easy to use! This is the kids' choice for rigid heddle looms. Ideal for making fabrics, cushions, table mats, lightweight rag rugs, wall hangings, more

Comes with 10 dent heddle, 2 stick shuttles.

16" Loom $195.00   Stand $144.95
24" Loom $215.00   Stand $148.95
32" Loom  $245.00 Stand $161.95
48" Loom
 $395.00 Stand $230.95

Additional heddles: 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5 dpi
   16"   $32.00
   24"     39.00
   32"     49.00

   48"     76.00

Ashford warping board, 12 yds  $139.95

Detta's can supply you with Schacht's complete line of high-quality looms, from the children's School Loom (15" wide with built-in stand, $67.95 ppd), to a sturdy folding rigid heddle loom with optional stand, to table looms, to the famous folding Wolf looms, to full-sized floor looms in width up to 60". Schacht also makes weaving accessories and spinning wheels. Visit Schacht's website for complete information on their products.


 Schacht looms

School loom $69.95

Tapestry loom on A-frame stand

25" Flip Loom - rigid heddle loom on trestle stand

Inkle loom $95.50  
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