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When you choose a spinning wheel, there are several things to consider. A wheel is a working piece of equipment and, unless you are buying it just to sit in your house and look pretty, thought should be given as to what you want for performance. There is no perfect wheel for all types of yarn. Most will excel in one area or another. So consider -

1) What kind of yarn do you plan to spin on this wheel?
2) Can you afford, or do you want, more than one wheel? If
not, perhaps one of the more versatile wheels would fit
your needs.
3) Does the appearance of the wheel appeal to you?
4) Do you need a wheel which travels easily? Is the space in
your home limited?

I've tried to give fairly specific information on the spinning wheels we offer. Some manufacturers produce their own brochures. If the wheel you are considering has a brochure of its own, I'll send it along to help you in your research.

You are welcome to come, look, and spin on the wheels here. We keep a good selection on the floor so you can try most of the different kinds at your leisure. The best way to choose a spinning wheel is to simply spin on different wheels to find the one that feels right for you. If you don't live close enough to come and spin in person, we can talk. I've personally used most of the wheels we have available to you and am happy to offer my opinions and suggestions.

"If I order a spinning wheel, how long will I need to wait for it?" Your wheel will reach you anywhere from one day to several months after you place your order. It depends on where it's coming from, if it's built yet - lots of things. We can tell you at the time you order when you can expect delivery. Sometimes the delivery date can affect your choice of spinning wheel, so call and ask about delivery times if it's a factor in choosing your wheel.

A limited selection of wheels is kept in stock, so if you want a wheel right now, please inquire what is available. Occasionally we have a used wheel for sale. (No shipping on used wheels.)

Complimentary private lessons are included with each wheel purchased. It wouldn't be very nice to sell you a wheel and not teach you how to use it, would it? How long does it take to learn to spin? That's a question that could start a hot debate! Our experience has been that a person without any previous knowledge of spinning can get launched in one 1-1/2 hour session. What that means is that if I sit down with you, a total newbie, at the end of that session you will very likely have grasped the basics enough that you can go home and practice. No, you won't be an expert! But you'll be on your way, and you can come back with your wheel and questions or for further info as you progress. Check our Area Events page to learn about fiber doings and classes.

"What kind of guarantee do your wheels carry? What if I get something and I simply don't like it?" Different manufacturers offer different warranties, so if you want to know something specific, ask me. My feeling has always been that I'm here to supply you with quality products that keep you happy, and if you have something that you don't like or isn't working right, you're sure not happy! We'll make it right.  
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