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Majacraft Spinning wheels come with $20 worth of fiber, plus a tin of Lavender Polish. Choose the fiber you like!
Prices include shipping.

"Oo-o-o! This feels good!" We've heard this response so often from people trying a Majacraft for the first time that we've come to expect it. The angle and gentle stroke of the treadles eliminate ankle stress. Add the benefit of a folding wheel with a handle that comes into place when folded. People love their Majacraft spinning wheels! Look at the features -

- No oiling (ball bearing construction)
- Heel-toe action treadles
- Self-adjusting co-polymer drive band
- Scotch tension
- Easily spins fine cotton to semi-bulky yarn
- Add a Wild Flyer and spin ultra-bulky and novelty yarns
- Flyer arm has one moveable hook
- Beautiful New Zealand rimu wood
- Comes finished
- Assembles in about 30 minutes
- We pay the shipping.

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Majacraft Aura


Majacraft's newest is a modern double treadle, folding wheel has a light smooth treadle action, full orifice height, adjustable spinning head, modified double-drive system, convenient carry handle for easy portability. The Aura provides extensive possibilities for spinning all types of yarn.

All wheels are individually numbered, assembled and tested before packaging.

Wheel diameter: 13.25"
Ratios: 4.1, 5.4, 7.3:1
  (Fast whorl in development stage)
Weight: approx 16.5 lbs
New Zealand Rimu, solid Bamboo drive wheel
Finish: Hard wearing pre-catalysed lacquer
Comes with 3 large capacity bobbins

Tension adjustment: modified double drive. Strength of pull is adjusted by the tension adjust knob. Speed of pull is determined by the difference in size of the pulley grooves that each of the bands are on.




This is the place to start your spinning adventure. It's friendly on your wallet and packed with features. You can use all Majacraft accessories with your Pioneer so your investment will be safe.

- Sealed roller bearings allow the wheel to spin silently and freely
- Double treadle pedals for smooth and light pedaling action
- Scotch tension brake adjustment for fine control over your yarn twist and thickness
- Drive wheel: 12.6"
- Ratios: 4.5, 7, 10, 12.8, 14.5:1
- Comes with 3 bobbins
- All Majacraft flyers, bobbins and whorls fit the Pioneer
- Solid pine construction with MDF drive wheel
- Removable head for easy transport
- Weight: approx 11-lbs

Comes with a 15-gm container of
"Our Patch" Lavender Oil & Beeswax Polish



Travelling Wheel & Padded Carry Bag

$1065.00 ppd
Small, foldable, portable
Spins like a full-sized wheel
Easy Rolling treadle action
Spinning head can be turned to suit the spinner
Ratios: 4.5 to 12.75:1
Weight: 10-lbs
Comes with 3 bobbins & travelling kate
Compatible with Majacraft accessories

Majacraft threw the rule book away!
Stop in and get to know the Little Gem!




The Rose

So pretty! Versatile and responsive too.


-Double treadle
-Folding wheel
-Comes with 2 flyers
(standard & Fine Fibre)
Comes with Slow and Standard whorls
Comes with 4 bobbins
-Bobbin storage kate included
-Ratios of 4.25:1 to 19.5:1
-Weight: 13.2 lbs.
-Drive wheel: 17.5"



Double treadle - Small folding wheel - Delta orifice needs no threading hook - Adjustable height & position of spinning head - Comes with 4 bobbins - Built-in lazy kate - Ratios of 3.6:1 to 15:1 - Weight: 14 lbs. - Drive wheel: 12.5" $1150.00
MajaSuzieProsuzie professional 
Has a painted dark-green drive wheel which is slightly heavier than the standard wood wheel. Gives a bit more momentum . $1180.00

suzie - Note the handle that moves into position for carrying when the flyer is folded down.


For bulky yarn, plying, or bigger skeins. . . 

Majacraft Plying Kit

A wide flyer that holds big bobbins to give you approximately twice as much yarn as a standard bobbin. Fits all Majacraft wheels. Comes with one bobbin. Bobbin diameter 4-7/8"

Plying Bobbin only $55.50ppd


Will hold whatever you create. . .

Majacraft Wild Flyer

A wild flyer is a large diameter flyer built to work with the plying bobbin capable of spinning the new generation of creative fibres. Huge 23mm diameter ceramic eyelets are among the largest available, and the bobbins can hold up to 8-oz of yarn. The ceramic inserts are super hard-wearing and will allow even the 'lumpiest' novelty yarn to flow like silk.

Bobbin diameter 4-7/8". The Wild Flyer will fit on any Majacraft wheel.

Wild Flyer & bobbin set $148.95
Wild Flyer, bobbin & tension knob for Little Gem $157.95

Little Gem scotch tension knob $12.50
Plying bobbin only $55.50

Majacraft accessories
Bobbin, standard $22.00
Bobbin, wood $52.50
Lace bobbin, fat-core wood $47.50
Baby bobbin, wood (lightweight; use with lace flyer) $51.50
Baby bobbin set (Lace flyer, fast whorl & 2 baby bobbins) $159.95
Bobbin, plying, wood (large) $55.50
Plying set (Wide flyer & large bobbin) $114.50
Wild flyer set (Wide flyer w/
huge 23mm diameter ceramic eyelets & large bobbin) $148.95
   Wild flyer set for Little Gem $157.95
Wild flyer (no bobbin) $86.50
Slow whorl set (used on the Suzie, goes down to 3.25:1) $42.50
Fast whorl (use with lightweight flyer for speeds up to 25% faster than standard whorls) $32.50
High speed spinning head (Accelerating head; ratios of 12:1 to 32:1 on Suzie) $238.95
Lace kit (Lightweight e-flyer & 2 fat-core bobbins) $188.95

Drive band - state wheel model $20.00
Drive band - low band for Little Gem $22.00

Flyer hook, jumbo (12mm) & super jumbo ( 24mm) $9.95
Flyer hook, sliding, standard (8mm) $9.95
Lazy kate, tensioned, holds 3 bobbins $133.95 (no bobbins included)
Lazy kate, jumbo/universal, tensioned, holds 3 bobbins $165.95 (no bobbins included)
Travelling kate, Alpaca, hold 2 bobbins $55.50
Carry bag, for Suzie or Rose $220.00
Spinning chair, seat height 17" $246.95
Spinning chair for Rose $259.50
Mini-combs, double row w/holder $180.50
Mini-comb System, double row $225.00
Allen wrench 2mm (fits grub screw, to tighten the whorl on your wheel) $7.2 00
Grub screw $1.35 (tiny little screw which tightens the whorl)

Lazy kate

Majacraft Mini-combs, double row w/holder $163.95
Majacraft Mini-combs, single row w/holder $115.95

The holder will store your combs safely together.

Double row Comb Set includes a comb mounting block, clamp and diz. This allows you to secure a single comb to a sturdy surface and carry out color blending in conjunction with a diz . $225.00 Single row Comb Set $198.50

Comb dimensions:
Handle length 6.5"
Point length 2.25"
Comb width 3.5"


Free Standing Skeiner

The Majacraft skeiner is a new way of looking at skeining your yarn. It is constructed in New Zealand Tawa that has a light colour with a nice even grain. To make the skeiner always stable, we have used three legs. This is important because it can be very irritating to have the skeiner rock about when turning the skeiner arms. The stem and base assembly are held together with barrel nuts so it is very easy to disassemble should you want to pack it down small.

We have also added a bobbin bar to the base with a scotch tension. No other skeiner has this integrated into the design. Now you can always get perfectly evenly tensioned yarn in your skein. No more over-running from lack of tension or skeins that are too tight! The arms have polymer bearings pressed into them and then turn on a precision stainless steel shaft. This allows the arms to rotate smoothly without any flopping around on the shaft. We also include a tension washer so you can adjust the tightness of the arms to your exact requirements.

The spacer tube that is included allows you to use the skeiner arms as a wheel skeiner on your Majacraft wheel. Simply remove the skeiner arms from the stand then slip the spacer and arms on to the spinning wheel and it just works.

Free Standing Skeiner $227.95 ppd
Wheel Skeiner $98.95 ppd

"Our Patch" Lavender Oil & Beeswax Polish

is a product formulated especially for Majacraft to pamper your wheel and keep it looking in top condition. Produced from organic lavender and selected beeswax, it maintains the fragrance in the pot as well as giving protection and life to the wood of your wheel. Use a little and often to keep your wheel healthy and looking like new.

15-gm container - $13.50

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