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Lennox Spinning Wheels

Lennox spinning wheels are no longer available.
The following two wheels are shown for information purposes only.


Fiona double-treadle
22" Cherry Castle Wheel

Fiona measures 28" from orifice to floor, & approx 57" to top of distaff. Comes with a threading hook, distaff, four (4 oz.) bobbins, flax cup, and 3 whorls with standard ratios: 7.6-1, 8.8-1, 9.9-1, 11-1,12.1-1, 13.2-1. The three additional bobbins are attached to the frame. Double-drive w/scotch tension option. Finished with a hand-rubbed oil.

retailed at approx $1375.


double-treadle 16" Traveller, cherry
Ratios 5.6, 6.4, 7.3, 8, 8.8, 9.5:1

Orifice height 29.5"
Built-in lazy kate.
4 bobbins
Flax cup
Double-drive w/scotch tension
Cherry, rubbed oil finish

retailed at approx $769.

Stool not included.

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