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Country Craftsman

The Country Craftsman spinning wheel is no longer being made.

Please inquire about the accessories listed below. Some may not be available.

Prices include shipping.


Aged Buttermilk painted wheel - Dressing Table Blue

Here's a spinning wheel that's so smooth it almost spins by itself, looks so lovely that it's often sold just as a decorator piece, and has a price tag offering an extremely good value. The Country Craftsman, handcrafted in maple, is a reproduction of a New England 1700's flax wheel.

The 12-spoke 24" drive wheel can be lifted out just by removing a pin, making it one of the most portable of the larger wheels available. A real plus is the large bobbin - it holds lots of yarn! The original small flyer and bobbin is still available by request. Choose from Antique (medium) or Rustic (dark) lacquer finishes, or get it unfinished and finish it yourself. The Country Craftsman comes with both double-drive and scotch tension drive systems, plus a threading hook. Assembly takes about 15 minutes.

This is a superior wheel for spinning medium to fine yarns. I overheard someone at a fine-spinning class telling another that "When I got my Country Craftsman, I spun better than I'd ever spun in my life!" Myself, I always feel sort of like I "came home" when I sit down to spin at my CC.

The finished bobbins and whorls offered below have been finished by Detta's, and are not the custom color of the CC factory finish. They blend with both the rustic and antique finishes.

 Spinning wheel NA  
 Leather flyer bearing, front
Leather treadle tie-up
use rawhide shoelace



 Distaff (Nistler) NA


Medium (standard)
Handturned, sizes vary

Finished $29.50 
Unfinished $24.50
 Bobbin - 2-oz (small)
 Made by
 Nistler Woodworks

Finished   $35.00

  Unfinished  $30.00

 Bobbin - 4-oz (large)
 Made by
 Nistler Woodworks

Finished  $37.50

Unfinished  $32.50
 Connecting rod
  (footman; treadle to drive wheel)
 Finished $28.95 Unfinished $25.50
 Lazy kate


Finished with danish oil
black walnut $138.50

Holds 3 small or 2 large bobbins on each rod
1- rod tensioned or
2-rods, not tensioned

Unfinished $131.50

 Spinning stool, 3 legs NA NA
Drive band $2.50
A drive band is just a 5-yd piece of string. You might have something that works right in your kitchen drawer.
Flyer units  If you have a broken flyer, it can be repaired. Contact Detta's for information.


  Flyer upgrade, from small to large -  NA NA

Instruction booklet $4.50
Contains drawings
and info on:
Parts of the wheel
Assembly of wheel
& accessories
Points of lubrication





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