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Detta's no longer carries the Babe.
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Nels Wiberg @ Babe's Fiber Garden
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Babe's Fiber Starter


* Bobbin lead

* Ratios: 5:1, 6:1 (Optional 18:1)

* Wheel Diameter: 17-3/4"

* Orifice diameter: 3/8"

* Orifice height: 26-3/4"

* Comes with 6  bobbins

* Weight: 7-1/2 lbs

* Includes 4- oz of white wool roving

It took a Swede to come up with this one.....and that's no joke. Who'd have thought the marriage of pvc pipe and a wheelchair wheel rim would produce a spinning wheel?

Without leaving a big hole in your checkbook, you can have a real spinning wheel. What it lacks in charm, it makes up for in portability (so lightweight and it breaks down for packing) and ease of use. Stretchy drive band needs no adjustment, and take-up is adjusted by velcro and a leather strap. The threading hook attaches to the front of the maiden with velcro, so you won't lose it. That velcro spot also holds the end of your yarn when you need to leave it. Built-in two bobbin lazy kate. Wood treadle and flyer come unfinished, but I stained the shop model a walnut color and that funny little wheel took on a classy look all her own! Stop in and meet Babe.....

Babe's Fiber Starter Spinning Wheel  (specs above, with picture)
Single treadle: White frame $149.45   Almond frame $154.45
Double treadle: White frame $174.90 Almond frame $179.90

Babe's Production Spinner  21-1/4" drive wheel diameter, ratios 5-7/8:1  7-1/2:1   Optional 19:1 Weight: 7lb-14oz. Double bearings in drive wheel for effortless spinning.
Single treadle: White frame $161.45  Almond frame $166.45
Production model, double treadle: White frame $186.45 Almond frame $191.45

Babe's Bulky Spinner Conversion Kit   $87.90
Replace the top of your Production Spinner with this large-bobbin bulky head. Orifice 3/4"   Ratio 4.2:1

Bobbin  (specify 5:1 or 6:1 ratio) $6.00   Gives 5-7/8:1 or 7-1/2:1 ratios on Production Spinner

Bobbin 18:1 ratio $7.00   Standard bobbin with O-ring added. Gives 19:1 ratio on Production Spinner

Babe's Drive Band  $6.95

Babe Aids, pkg of 10  $1.95   Little grippy dots to put on your bobbin to prevent your leader yarn from slipping.


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