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The alternative to a spinning wheel. Easy to learn on, inexpensive to buy. In many parts of the world, all spinning is still done on spindles.

Drop Spindles
The drop spindle is used by suspending it in the air by the yarn being spun. Available in different weights for varying thicknesses of yarns and in high or low whorl. This is the type of spindle most often used by the beginning spinner. Listed weights are approximate.

Schacht, Hi-Lo Drop Spindle (use as a high or low whorl spindle)
2" whorl, 1.1-oz, 2x10.5"- -$24.95
3" whorl, 2.2-oz, 3"x11" - - $24.95
4" whorl, 3-oz, 4"x12.5" - - $24.95

Ashford Turkish w/hook, 1.8oz, low whorl- - $ 41.00

You will like Ashford's high whorl spindles. . .
 Ashford High Whorl, student, 2.25 oz, lacquer finish - - $13.95
Ashford High Whorl, small, 1 or 1.75 oz, 2-3/8"x10-1/2", lacquer finish - - $28.25
Ashford High Whorl, large, 2.75oz, 3-1/2"x 12-1/4". lacquer finish - - $ 29.75

    Nicely balanced with a 6" shaft . . . .
So very easy to take with you!

Concave High-whorl Spindle - - $32.95
This dished design gives you a steady spin and the beauty of exotic woods. High whorl.
Carrigana (natural marbled colors)
- 10gm, 20gm

Akha-Style Handspindle - Use also as a lightweight drop spindle
Walnut whorl w/brass hook 1/2oz, 2.25"x9" (Spingenuity)- - $15.95  
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