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Beka Yarn Swift

Beka's natural hard maple Yarn Swift features durable metal bearings for a consistently smooth winding process.  It accommodates up to 2-yard skeins, while sitting conveniently on any table top.  No clamps are needed to hold it in place, so scratched tables become a thing of the past.  Easy assembly is completed in just a few minutes, with no tools needed. Does not fold. Comes unfinished.


Hand Carders

Hand carders are used for brushing washed wool into a semi-parallel arrangement in preparation for spinning. They also can be used for fiber and color blending. Hand carders come in sets of two.

Schacht, curved or flat back $90.95
  Please state: 72, or 112 psi
Schacht Mini Carders 72 psi $54.95
Schacht, cotton carders, curved or flat back, 208 psi $97.95


Schacht Mini Carders

Carding area size: 3" x 3"
Weight, set of 2: 9.5-oz

$54.95 delivered

 Schacht says:
We've built a lifetime of service into our hand carders. They have a small lip milled into the rear edge of the paddle to protect the card clothing from becoming worn and the handles have been precisely tenoned into the paddles for superior strength.

Our wool carders are available in two gauges of carding cloth: 72 points per square inch (an all-purpose carding cloth), and 112 points per square inch (great for fine wool and downy fibers). All carders are available with curved or straight backs.

The mini carders are a pint-sized version of our curved wool cards. At about half the weight, they are an easy size to take to a class or on a road trip, or just out and about with your drop spindle. Available only with 72psi carding cloth.

Our cotton carders are wider than our wool carders and are also available with curved or straight-backed paddles. With 208 points per square inch, our cotton cards are excellent for cotton and other short fibers.

Our flick carder is a small, single carder with 72 points per inch. It is used to separate and tease fibers in preparation for spinning by working the fiber against either a stiff piece of leather or heavy canvas.

Detta says:
These high quality carders will last forever!

Flickers are small single carders used to open locks of wool when the original fiber arrangement is to be preserved.
Ashford  $24.75
Schacht $36.00

Drum Carders speed up your carding and are large enough to allow you to weigh the fibers for consistent blends. Drum carding is way faster than hand carding, and allows you to do blends and get effects not possible with hand carders.


Ashford Wild Carder $540.00  
This carder was designed for spinners who want to make fabulous, fun and funky art yarns. The extra long teeth, packer brush, 6:1 carding ratio and adjustable drum clearance allow you to create unique blends with differing fibres, fabric, feathers, noils, paper and more. It's small, portable, weighs less than 8-lbs, is lacquered and assembled, and includes a cleaning brush and doffer which are stored conveniently on the carder.

Carding width: 4"
Batt size 24 x 6"


Strauch Knuckle-Saving Batt Splitter - $31.50
Hooked shape with easy-grip handle separates the batt on your drum carder with ease!

Strauch Drive Band for Petite Carder - $14.95ppd (2 in stock)


Combs  quietly prepare fiber into a smooth, parallel arrangement while removing debris and short fibers. Come in sets of two.

Majacraft Mini-combs, double row w/holder $163.95
Majacraft Mini-combs, single row w/holder $115.95

The holder will store your combs safely together.

Double row Comb Set is a boxed set which includes a comb mounting block, clamp and diz. This allows you to secure a single comb to a sturdy surface and carry out color blending in conjunction with a diz . $209.95 Single row Comb Set $179.95

Comb dimensions:
Handle length 6.5"
Point length 2.25"
Comb width 3.5"


Brass Diz, comes with threader, 3 holes (1.5, 2.4, & 5mm) from Majacraft $ 28.95

Spinning Wheel Oil (Schacht, Kromski or Ashford) - - $11.95
Needle tip lets you oil where you want without mess. Refillable with 20-weight motor oil. Use around the house for whatever squeaks. 15ml bottle

Spinning Wheel Oil (Ashford) 100ml bottle- - $11.95.

Ashford Maintenance Kit: oil, threading hook, tension spring, flyer hooks, conrod leather, brake and drive bands $24 .95
Ashford brake band with spring $2.95
Ashford tension knob $9.50

Remember....prices include shipping

Umbrella Swift holds your skeins for winding into balls. Fast, efficient, and your husband, kid, or friend will love being released from duty!
Lightweight, aluminum/plastic, up to 72" skein $70.95

Threading Hooks
Ashford, standard $3.50

Ashford Elizabeth (wood handle) $12.95
Lendrum, finished maple $11.50
Schacht $11.50

Niddy Noddies to wind your yarn into skeins
Ashford, 5-ft skein, silver beech, unfinished - - $28.50
Kromski, from Poland, European hardwoods
-Small, 32" skein, finished in Mahogany or Walnut $20.95
-Medium, 4-ft skein, finished in Mahogany or Walnut $23.75
-Large, 2-yd skein - - unfinished $27.95 - -  finished in Walnut or Mahogany $30.95

Lendrum, makes 1 & 2 -yarn skeins (2 shafts included), unfinished maple $24.95
   Lendrum niddy finished with LemonOil/Beeswax $29.95

Yarn Needles for sewing your projects together and weaving in ends. Large eye, blunt end, steel. Pkg of 2. $1.50

  Felting Needles - $1.35 each , 4/$5.00, 10/$11.95 - Mix or match. Prices include mailing.
#1 - EXTRA FINE, TRIANGULAR BLADE - 40-gauge wire. Used with very fine fiber and cloth.
#3 - FINE, TRIANGULAR BLADE - 38-gauge wire, Used with fine to medium fine fiber and attaching hair to dolls.
#4 - MEDIUM, TRIANGULAR BLADE - 36-gauge wire, Used with medium to coarse fiber and attaching hair to dolls.
#5 - COARSE, TRIANGULAR BLADE - 32-gauge wire. Use for medium to coarse fiber.

Books on the use of Felting Needles - - -

ash needle$31.50ppd

The Ashford Book of NEEDLE FELTING: Inspirational Projects Stretching the Boundaries of Needle Felting

(Barbara Allen) Explore  the unlimited potential of needle felting! Step by step instructions and full color photographs will help you create your own adorable folk and animals, beautiful flowers and scenes, jewelry and embellishments all in flat or sculpted felt. The book covers materials, equipment, techniques and provides all the pattern templates. Revised Edition. 120 pgs

NEEDLE FELTING: Art Techniques & Projects $18.25 (Anne Einset Vickrey) All you need to create fiber art is some wool, a foam work surface, and a felting needle. Designed to guide the beginner through simple projects, allowing them to become comfortable with using the tools, the book also has useful info for the experienced needle felter. Five projects increase in difficulty as you work through the book. More advanced techniques include sculpting a face and combining wet and dry feltmaking techniques to make a fairy doll. 60 pgs

THE FELTING NEEDLE $20.00  (Ayala Talpai) This delightful book, which focuses on dry felting rather than the traditional wet method, is well-illustrated and full of how-to information. It includes a description of the felting needle and how to use it, a list of materials needed, and a series of projects (from a simple ball to happy-faced animals) for felters with varying levels of experience. Ayala, in her witty way, says of her book: "Using tools tucked handily within, feltmakers will gain absolute control over their process; sculptors will be gifted with a new medium; the obsessively tidy can make felt in their parlors; cloth dollmakers can easily implant hair on their creations. All ages and abilities welcome!" She includes four felting needles in the back of the book to be sure you're not left wanting..... Spiralbound, 63 pgs.

THE FELTING NEEDLE: Further Fantasies $23.25 (Ayala Talpai) Ayala's 2nd Volume expands on her first book. Packed with details, ideas and recently emerged techniques, and just as fun as ever! 96pgs.

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