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 Felting needles

Felt with dry wool!
Do things you can't do with a wet felting process!

 Felting Needles
$1.35 each , 4/$5.25, 10/$11.95 - Mix or match.
Prices include mailing.
#1 - EXTRA FINE, TRIANGULAR BLADE - 40-gauge wire. Used with very fine fiber and cloth.
#3 - FINE, TRIANGULAR BLADE - 38-gauge wire, Used with fine to medium fine fiber and attaching hair to dolls.
#4 - MEDIUM, TRIANGULAR BLADE - 36-gauge wire.Used with medium to coarse fiber and attaching hair to dolls.

Ashford Felting Needles
Punch Handle holds up to 4 needles for larger projects. Comes with five 36-gauge Ashford all-purpose needles. $39.95
Ashford felting neeedles, pkg/10 $14.00


INTRODUCTION TO NEEDLE FELTING: Sculpting a Doll with Sharon Costello 131 minutes $41.50 What a wonderfully fun video to learn this popular craft by! The dolls that Sharon makes are fabulously detailed. Watching her make the face is downright cheerful! She leads you through making the face, body, fine clothing, hands, feet, hair, and accessory details. Your resulting doll comes alive with its own personality! This technique uses no water; the wool remains dry. You will use felting needles to felt your wool fibers together. (1 needle included) Sharon reviews the type of fiber needed to work with when doing needle felting. VHS

The newest book . . .
MAKING FACES using Wet and Dry Felting Methods $19.25 (Patricia Spark) The felting needle is a great aid to the hand feltmaker. By combining this tool with traditional felting techniques, you can greatly increase the creative potential of this medium. The needle has small notches along its edges which push fiber along to intermix with the fiber lying below it. Thus, the fibers are tangled together creating felt, without the need for soap or water! With the needle you can be very precise, attaching small amounts of fiber just where you'd like them to bee. Three-dimensional shapes can easily be added to a surface, increasing the potential for sculptural form. The possibilities are endless. In this book, Spark shows how to use the needle to create faces. By combining the sculptural possibilities of the felting needle with traditional felting, you can add faces to any of your favorite felt forms. Paperback, spiral lay-flat binding, b&w photos & drawings. 64 pgs.

SIMPLY FELT: 20 easy and elegant designs in wool $26.50 (Margaret Docheerty & Jayne Emerson) This new book covers quite a range of possibilities! Learn about: Making felt from old knitted fabrics; Making felt from raw wool and other fibers; Felting by hand or washing machine; Creating flat fabrics and sculptural shapes; Inlaying fibers for color and texture effects; Easy step-by-step instructions. Projects include a book cover, shoulder bag, briefcase, scarves, lampshade, runner, bucket bag, three kinds of slippers, hat, glasses case, and more. From Interweave Press, so you know it's good! Lots of color. 128pgs.



Warm and Adorn Your Hands in 28 Innovative Ways
by Robin Melanson

Growing up in Cape Breton, on Canada's Atlantic coast, knitwear designer Robin Melanson learned early on the importance of gloves and mittens in a harsh winter climate. Now this self-described "mitten and glove aficionado" shares her enthusiasm for these ordinary items by presenting 28 extraordinary ways to make them for year-round style.

Featuring gloves, mittens, arm warmers, mitts, and fingerless gloves, this is the second book in a new SCT Craft series that introduces innovative approaches to creating popular knitted items. Knitting New Mittens and Gloves combines traditional and untraditional techniques-as well as influences as far-flung as Gothic architecture, Estonian lace, and Wagnerian opera-in a winning collection of patterns for adults and children. From wool mittens filled with unspun fleece and arm warmers with leather laces, to cotton-mesh fingerless gloves and silk-beaded mitts to be worn as adornments, each design has an unexpected twist.

Because they are small, quick to make, and don't require a lot of yarn, mittens and gloves are perfect projects for knitting throughout the year, and they also offer an ideal opportunity for beginning and more seasoned knitters to experiment with new techniques, yarns, and styles. With its fresh, original sensibility, Knitting New Mittens and Gloves will captivate knitters of every level. 144 pgs.

KNITTING the Easy Way $26.75 (Terry Kimbrough, Publications International) So you've been wanting to learn how to knit? Look no further! This book is the ultimate guidebook, filled with easy-to-follow instructions and clear, step-by-step illustrations that will insure your success. Patterns are included for 38 fabulous projects, including gorgeous sweaters, hats, scarves, blankets, children's clothing, and more. Each pattern is rated for difficulty level, allowing beginners to start with the simplest projects and move to the next skill level as they are ready. Color photos. Hardcover with spiral inside lay-flat binding, 160 pgs

Handmade bags from Ecuador


 5"h x 5"w
made by Sonia (#2)
$15.00 ppd

6-1/2"h x 7-3/4"w
made by Alicia (#3)
$12.50 ppd

8"h x 7-1/2"w
made by Sonia (#4)
$16.50 ppd

These colorful bags are made by Sonia and Alicia, our friends in Ecuador. Every cent we receive goes back to the person who made the bag. In a country where it's pretty tough to make a living, it means a lot to these young mothers to be able to contribute to the support of their families.

The bags pictured are a sampling of what we have available. We have a good supply, in different sizes and patterns, on hand. Please call if you would like descriptions over the phone.

Thank you for your help!


 Patricio and Sonia live on a beautiful Andes mountainside near the town of Ambato, raising fruits and vegetables for their living. Sonia takes Adrian, their son, down the mountain on a donkey each day to school. I wish this talented young woman could come to the U.S. and stay with us for while. What wonderful things she could teach us!

Pictured: Eileen (Alicia's daughter), Sonia, Adrian, & Patricio  
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