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ANDEAN FOLK KNITS: Great Designs from Peru, Chile, Angentina, Ecuador & Bolivia $26.50 (Marcia Lewandowski) bk223u  Knitting is part of the rich heritage of the ancient Incan empire. Today men and women living in these South American countries still hand-knit beautiful bags and purses. Inspired by many of these designs, the author has created 35 distinctive projects that capture the spirit and fine craftsmanship of the Andean people. As you learn about the cultures behind the projects, you'll be able to bring these native crafts to life. The bags, purses, hats, and other wearables are knit in a wide range of colors, from soft, natural shades to energetic, fluorescent combinations, that reflect these specific regions of South America. and the motifs, from floral to geometric, represent a village's customary style. You'll mostly use double-pointed needles, a set of straight needles with points at both ends. There needles will give you the freedom to knit even the smallest projects in-the-round, eliminated the need to sew seams. Hardcover, color photos, 144 pgs.

ANDEAN INSPIRED KNITS: Designs in Luxurious Alpaca $26.50 (Helen Hamann) bk672i The knitted designs in this book are inspired by the rich and varied pre-Columbian textiles, dating from about 500 B.C. to A.D. 1540, that were produced in the part of South America that is now Peru. The craftsmen (and women) who produced these textiles were accomplished spinners, dyers, and weavers, and had a superb sense of color and design. Even by today's standards, these textiles demonstrate skillful execution of intricate patterns. Many of the best textiles were woven with fiber from the indigenous alpaca and its close relative, the llama. Each of the 23 projects in this book draws from an ancient textile pattern or motif, and each is executed in fine alpaca yarn. From simple to complex, these garments and accessories represent thousands of years of Andean textile history and celebrate the unequaled luxury of the native alpaca. Beautiful color photos. 138 pgs.

the Best of Knitter's

  If you've never met a cable you didn't like, Arans & Celtics is for you. If you've never knit a cable (or never thought you could), this book will show you how. Or, if you're ready for a new challenge, you'll find it here. Clear instructions, excellent charts, close-up photographs, and fully illustrated techniques make knitting cables easy to understand and fun to do. The projects? Thirty classics (sweaters, vests, and jackets) for the whole family. 108 pgs. bk269ht

BABY STYLE Home Accessories and Irresistible Knitwear Designs for 0-3 year olds $23.25 (Debbie Bliss) bk809ht Cow cushion, scotty dog cardigan, scandinavian blanket, booties, knitted coathangers, a denim throw with pockets for favorite toys and books, patchwork blanket, and the list goes on. Debbie Bliss is known worldwide for her ability to combine practicality and style. Each of the 30 designs in this book is beautifully photographed and clear instructions make the patterns straightforward to knit. If you're lookng for a book that offers a variety of choices, this is it! 80 pgs, full color.

BEST OF LOPI $29.50 (Susan Mills & Norah Gaughan) These 45 patterns for the whole family feature nice Icelandic designs, great texture and classic cardigans. Instructions and full-color photos for each item are complemented with color charts for yarns and an Icelandic saga. Lambs Pride Bulky can be substituted for Lopi. 120 pgs.

BIG BOOK OF KNITTING $21.50 (Katharina Buss) bk594ht Turn to this all-in-one knitting book for every technique you need - plus fabulous projects. Would you like to cover the basics? You can, with the detailed information, diagrams, and color photos. Do you already know how to knit? Then this book is also the right one for you. See how to give a remarkable distinctive feel and a one-of-a kind look to patterns with different stitches and embellishments. It covers basic techniques, perfect details, finishing, special techniques (including shaker knitting and entrelac), decorative details, practical tips, basic patterns (for sweaters, socks, gloves, mittens), plus stitch patterns (such as Aran Isle and Jacquard). A book worth having! 237 pgs.

CELTIC KNITS $24.25  (Debbie Bliss) Here's a really nice variety of patterns for babies, children, and adults. Designs include denim tunic with pockets, classic Fair Isle cardigan and socks, lace alpaca scarf, child's zipped jacket, cabled tweed jacket, argyle twinset, lace and cable tunic, more. Twenty-five designs in all. This isn't one of those "I only used one pattern" kind of book! Hardcover, full color. 80 pgs.

   CHUNKY KNITS $21.50 (Carolyn Clever) Get a jumpstart on creating these up-to-the-minute fashions using surprisingly easy-to-master stitches. The author has incorporated basic knitting instruction and overviews of materials and equipment to get readers started quickly. Chunky Knits contains 16 projects to suit every taste and skill level, from the woolly scarf and simple ski hat to a chic shoulder bag, V-neck cable and Afghan coat. Complete step-by-step instructions, more than 200 color illustrations, alternative finishes. 128 pgs.

CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS: 18 Holiday Treasures to Knit $20.25 (Interweave Press) Celebrate the joy, beauty, and charm of the Christmas stocking tradition with creations from today's top designers. From classic to contemporary, with fast easy choices for beginning knitters as well as challenging projects for experienced knitters, there's a stocking for everyone in this unique and inspiring book. Highlights include an elegant Victorian beauty, a captivating snowman stocking, classic argyle, Estonian and Gansey designs, a keepsake stocking for a baby's first Christmas, tips and patterns to create your own stockings, miniature stockings and mittens to knit for tree ornaments and package decorations.....and more! 96 pgs.

Make it quick!
$10.00 (Melissa Leapman)  Made with thick yarn and big needles, these fast knitting, easy-to-wear knits will keep you warm as well as in fashion. Gauge is 9 or 10 stitches per 4", perfect for Brown Sheep's BurlySpun Wool. The eight designs, 7 pullovers and one zippered jacket/cardigan, are easy enough for beginners. Color photo of each style. 36 pgs.

CLASSIC KNITS FOR KIDS $15.95 (Debbie Bliss) Thirty traditional Aran and Guernsey designs for 0-6 year-old, with co-ordinated accessories. Ever see a WeeWillyWinkie hat? How about a Windcheater and hat? Wonderful designs! 80 pgs

$31.50 (Naomi McEneely) Crochet, Embroidery, Knitting, Quilting, Weaving...This abundant collection of finishing techniques is for anyone interested in the textile arts. From basic to esoteric, simple to elegant, or plain to highly decorative, these finishes can be applied to most any fabric - woven, knitted, handmade or purchased. Each technique for making edges, seams and joins, cords and braids, knots, embroidery finishing, and more is clearly presented with step-by-step instructions, beautifully rendered illustrations, and photographs of real examples created just for this book. In the years ahead, this book will become your most prized reference for all of your finishing needs. Lots of color photos and illustrations. 176 pgs.

COTTAGE CREATIONS PATTERNS $5.95/each (Carol Anderson) bk109cc Practical knitting instructions with extra little tidbits of interesting info - Indicate which booklet you would like:
Discontinuing this line - Order 3 or more: $4.50 each
Big Sven Sweater 'people size'
Iowa Crew/Cruise Socks
Scandinavian Cardigan
The Grabbit bag

CROCHETED SOCKS! 16 fun-to-stitch patterns $20.25 bk814ht  (Rehfeldt & Wood) If you thought handmade socks were just for knitters, think again! This book gives you 16 sock patterns in a variety of sizes for both women and men. Try ribbed, cabled, or lacy designs, or give you socks a blast of color. Learn how to crochet socks that mimic the luxurious lookand feel of knitted socks. These crochet patterns will knock your socks off! Color photos, 64 pgs.

$18.25 bk076I  (Vivian Hoxbro) It's deceptively simple and simply dynamic, this clever technique, and has been the rage among European knitters for several years. Called "domino knitting" because of its modular nature, this inventive method provides color and pattern intrigue for sweaters, afghans, and projects of all kinds. And it's the ultimate take-along way of knitting, since pieces are worked in small squares. 96 pgs.

Tiny Sizes for EARLY ARRIVALS $4.50 (Patons) This pattern book has been designed especially for tiny babies, those unexpected early arrivals. These knits, sized for even the tiniest of newborns, are cozy and warm. They enable easy access, with front openings and loose fitting sleeves. Many seams have been eliminated or sewn flat to eliminate rubbing against baby's tender skin. Patterns are given for hats, booties, leggings and sweaters in fingering and DK weight. 26 pgs.

EVERYDAY KNITTING: Treasures from a ragpile $46.50 (Annemor Sundbo) This book is a treasure trove of knitting patterns and cultural history. The author unravels the fascinating history of traditional knitting, a story revealed by investigations in a pile of knitted rags left behind in storage bins or a 'shoddy' factory. This ragpile reveals the close historical ties between everyday knitting in Norway and traditional knitting in Europe. Everyday Knitting provides a glimpse of creativity in the everyday life of knitters. Anyone with a genuine interest for knitting is sure to find a wealth of inspiration and ideas. Diagrams and patterns give advice on how to develop your own patterns from traditional motifs. Includes a selection of thee earliest knitting pattersn from Sandnees Woolen Mill, in Norwegian and complete with photos. The books is filled with the most interesting photos, both color and black and white. 213 pgs. "Thank you for ordering "Everyday Knitting: Treasures from a Ragpile" for me! This is the best book I've seen in years! I love it! It has lots of reading and lots of photos to get ideas from. I will be referring to this book for years to come. Just had to let you know! One HAPPY customer," Nancy B, Wisconsin

FAMILY CIRCLE Plus-Size Knits: 50 Knit & Crochet Styles $26.50 Stylish sweaters & vests in sizes up to XX-large. Hardcover. 144pgs.

Over 25 knitwear designs for babies, children and adults

Here is Debbie Bliss' first collection of sweater designs to fit the entire family, most written to fit babies to adults. Some include variations and different colorways; a simple sweater, for instance, can be knitted with either a shawl collar or a polo neck. Easy to follow charts and gorgeous photographs. Hardcover. 80 pgs. $23.95



Felt Forward


 It seems that almost every knitter has tried shrinking her knitting in the washing machine over the past few years, and why not? Knitted felt knits up quickly and creates fun, stylish projects. In Felt Forward, Maggie Pace-proprietor of Pick Up Sticks-shares 20 stylish, contemporary projects that will find everyday use for the most modern crafter.

These sophisticated designs in an elegant color palette feature a range of fibers from alpaca, angora, and acrylic. Pace uses innovative felting techniques, like knitting onto rings or hoops then felting to create unique shapes and quilting knitted pieces together and cutting away shapes to reveal negative space. Projects include soft and comfortable felted tops, purses and tote bags, colorful embossed hats, jewelry and accessories, slippers, pillows, modern home accessories, and even a strand of felted lights.

With clear instructions and tips on making, shrinking, and using knitted felt, Pace gives anyone with basic knitting skills the tools to create one of a kind pieces. Beautiful photographs, step-by-step instructions and illustrations walk the first-time felter through all the processes. While the techniques and tools are simple, the shapes, colors, and materials of these pieces give them a sophisticated, urban feel that brings felt into the twenty-first century.
Paperbound, 8? x 9, 128 pages, 60 photographs, 15 illustrations



 FELTED KNITS: The art of shrinking your knitting

$23.50 (Beverly Galeskas) bk537I Just about anything you knit can be felted - that is, shrunk with heat and agitation to create a thicker, more durable fabric. The knitting goes fast with fat yarn on big needles, and felting is easy and fun, but learning how to make all of it come together takes some skilll. Beverly Galeskas, the owner of Fiber Trends and a nationally recognized authority on felting, shares her secrets in Felted Knits. More than just a pattern book, Felted Knits shows you how to choose and test yarns, correctly size a knitted piece for felting, accurately shrink items by hand- and machine-washing, improve your results with blocking, and how to care for your felted knits. Novice and experienced knitters alike can choose from the books's 24 projects to create bags and totes, hats, mittens, vests, and slippers, as well as pillows, placements, and coasters to complement your decor. This invaluable resource also includes sections on empbellishing your felting and about felting on felt (needle felting.) Color photos, 180 pgs.

If you like to knit lace, here's a set you will really enjoy. In the first book, the author covers all the basics the average knitter needs to know to begin lace knitting, then moves into detailed instructions for projects in two-needle, round, and square techniques. Over 25 distinctive lace projects are presented, in both the traditional written method and the chart-and-symbol method, plus there are keys to charts in English, French and German. Discusses knitting techniques, finishing and laundering. The second book is a continuation of the first, presenting 29 more patterns for items such as lace by the yard, alter lace, tea cloths, scarves, stoles, dinner cloths. A nice reference set.

FELTED CROCHET $24.75 (Jane Davis) bk001h  Make bags, pillows, bowls, hats, throws. Try crochet the felted way! You can bring a new look to traditional crochet just by adding water and washing. This book will teach you everything you need to know about felted crochet, and then you can put that knowledge to work in creating 30 spectacular felted crochet projects in an array of today's exquisite wool and novelty yarns. Felt by hand or machine, embellish with beads, add machine embroidery. Make bags, purses, and things to wear, decorate your home. 125 color photos and 50 how-to illustrations.

FISHERMAN SWEATERS $24.50 (Alice Starmore) Born into a fishing community, handknit designer Alice Starmore is uniquely qualified to present this knitwear collection. Inspired by seafaring themes from around the world, the 20 versatile sweaters featured in this book are all within the range of the average knitter and come with full instructions and charts. All the designs are beautifully photographed against a backdrop of romantic coastal locations. 128 pgs. out of print, 1 left

FOLK BAGS: 30 Knitting Patterns and Tales from Around the World $23.25 (Vicki Square) Bags are essential for living - whether walking to a neighbor's house or going to the store. The 30 folk designs presented in this book are truly extraordinary. Each one is inspired by traditional folk bags or folk art from 23 different countries including Nepal, Tibet, Japan, Ireland, Ecuador, and Guatemala. You'll find bags in all shapes, colors, textures, and sizes for work, play, or for a special evening on the town. Included are the Guatemalan saddlebag, the Persian-carpet-inspired handbag, the fish-shaped Japanese felted bag, the Bolivian doll bag, and the Moroccan tile bag. A brief cultural history and how it inspired Vicki's design preface each pattern, all of which are accompanied by step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations. Knitters of every skill level are sure to be intrigued by the versatile and imaginative designs in this unique collection. 144 pgs.

FOLK MITTENS: Techniques and Patterns for Handknitted Mittens $23.25 (Marcia Lewandowski) Basic mittens. Multicolor patterns from around the world. Thick & warm, fancy and colorful. How, why, what to use, finishes, yarns. Colorful photos and charts. A mitten knitter's refrence book! 120 pgs.

FOLK SHAWLS: 25 Knitting Patterns and Tales from Around the World $23.25 (Cheryl Oberele) This new book presents 25 beautiful shawl patterns and the history and traditions behind them. Each shawl pattern is complete with instructions in words and charts. 144 ps.  

FOLK SOCKS: The History and Techniques of Handknitted Footwear $23.25 (Nancy Bush) bk291I This is the book you'll want if you're looking for a lot of sock info in one book. The author delved into museum archives to learn about socks from a host of folk-knitting traditions. Inspired by what she found, she designed 18 delightful pairs for knitters of all levels of experience. Patterns include sturdy boot socks, handsome knicker socks, lacy stockings, kilt hose, and more. A section on techniques includes an unsurpassed collection of heel turning and toe shapings. Color and b&w photos and line drawings. 120 pgs.

25 Knitting Patterns and Tales from Around the World
$23.25 (Cheryl Oberle) bk619ip Vests are an important and integral part of folkwear around the world. They're festive, warm, easy-fitting, and practical - just the thing for contemporary knitters who will delight in these 25 traditional and innovative patterns. Both functional and decorative, these wonderful projects for men's and women's vests are accompanied by folk stories and regional histories from the countries of origin: Germany, Nepal, Peru, Japan, and the United Kingdom, among others. Paperback, color photos. 144 pgs.



$36.50 Meg Swansen has gathered a talented, diverse group of 30 of North America's best lace knitters for A Gathering of Lace. This collection includes sweaters and vests as well as shawls, scarves, gloves, and socks that range from simple to spectacular. Gathering illustrates the lace-knitting secrets of success: lace charts and how to read them, choosing yarns and the needles to match, and the miracle of blocking. Gatherings is a must for both coffee tables and knitting baskets. 44 projects, 160 pgs, hardcover.

Fifty Years of Knitting Ideas
$11.25 (Joyce Englund) Wisdom comes by experience. The author shares her's with you, answering questions before you ask, fixing problems before they become big, and suggesting efficient ways to proceed with your project. Contents include: How to read a pattern; yarn types & weights; ply information; adapting a pattern; why swatch; making cables, bobbles, popcorns; neck decreasing and ribbing; making a turtleneck or cowl neck; ribbings and other edgings; working short rows; binding off; weaving seams; kitchener stitch (weaving); buttonholes; pockets; fixing problems; list of abbreviations; more. Black & white drawings. Spiral bound. 105 pgs

GREAT KNITS FOR KIDS $24.95 (Debbie Bliss) Twenty-seven classic designs for infants to 10-year-olds. Simple stocking-stitch sweaters, complex cable patterns, Fair Isle sweaters, rugged jackets, pretty cardigans, snug berets, versatile wrap - These are just a few of the practical, hardwearing garments presented in this lovely book. Hardcover. 80 pg

THE GREEN MOUNTAIN SPINNERY KNITTING BOOK $31.50 (Margaret Klein Wilson and the Green Mountain Spinnery) Here, for the first time in book form, the Green Mountain Spinnery presents the best and most-loved of their classic and contemporary designs. Knitters of all abilities, from beginner to advanced, will find a wealth of designs (and color combinations) from which to choose - from appealing sweaters, vests, cardigans, and children's sweaters, to accessories such as hats, scarves, socks, and mittens. Each design is fully illustrated with color photos, pattern charts, and schematics. A full-color guide at the back of the book showcases the various styles and colors of Spinnery yarns (as well as how to order and where to find them) so knitters can recreate the designs exactly as they appear in the book. Lots of info in this colorful book! Hardcover. 104 pgs.

New, from Interweave Press . . .
HAND KNITS FOR THE HOME: 20+ Designs for Stylish Interiors $31.50 (Caroline Birkett) This is a learn-to-knit book as well as a pattern book for comfy and inviting furnishing for your home. You'll learn about knitting tools, types of yarn, and a variety of basic stitches. Clear color photos present techniques as well the the projects - pillows, cushions, throws, blankets, table runner, edgings, fastenings, tassels, and cords. 160pgs.

HANDKNITTING WITH MEG SWANSEN $17.25 (Meg Swansen) Here you will find complete instructions and diagrams for a variety of knitted items...from a delicate lace shawl to a thick blanket, plus i-cord gloves, color patterned hat, no-sew garter-stitch jacket, shawl-collared vest and a seamless Spiral Yoke sweater, with plenty of techniques accompanying each pattern. This book is an interesting read as well as a goldmine of information. 87 pgs.

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HATS ON! 31 Warm and Winsome Caps for Knitters $19.95 (Charlene Schurch) Good practical patterns, with a variety of interesting and functional variations, make this an extremely useful book. Beginning with the basic ribbed watch cap, Hats on! branches out to include designs with multiple colors, interesting textures, and special features for extra warmth. Folk motifs adapt beautifully to cap designs, and the author draws on traditions from the Andes to Scandinavia, from Turkey to the British Isles, to create beautiful head coverings for all tastes. Color photos, charts, instructions. 88 pgs.

HEAD TO TOE: 30 Original Designs for Hats, Mittens, and Other Accessories $11.00 bk123De Outfit your family in these warm hats, scarves, mittens and gloves, socks, and slippers. Favorite Maine designs such as Blueberries, Pine Trees and Puffins are back, along with such charming new motifs as Country Geese and Crayon Kids. You'll also find two bright Christmas stockings and an afghan. 72 pgs.

18 Contemporary Projects for Today's Knitter
$20.50 bk077I You don't have to dare to be square when you pick up your needles - knitting is in! See the patterns inspiring a new generation of knitters in Hip to Knit - a chunky scarf, a halter top, mix-and-match striped socks, tote bags, a boyfriend sweater, a big-needle sweater coat. It's an irresistible fashion parade of fun things to make! Easy-to-follow patterns are accompanied by illustrated mini-lessons to build basic skills. New knitters will learn the mysteries of shaping, circular and double-pointed knitting, color striping, basic stitches and techniques, and more. 96 pgs.

HOMESPUN, HANDKNIT: Caps, Socks, Mittens & Gloves $23.25 (Linda Ligon) bk029I Favorite designs, hints and techniques from fifty experienced spinners and knitters. Mittens for skaters, sportsmen, kids, lovers. Socks for hikers, bikers, fireside sitters, and gloves that really fit! Easy beginner pieces to brain teasers. Instructions include guides for handspun yarn and suggested commercial substitutes. Best seller! 160 pgs

HOOKED BAGS: 20 Easy Crochet Projects $21.25 (Margaret Hubert) bk538ht  Hot styles like a hobo bag, backpack, pouch, mini-bags, wristlet, and supersized tote. Cool stitches from simple crochet to next-level stitches like shell, bobble, and Tunisian. Hot yarns including bright cottons and textural yarns like ribbon, silk, and boucle. Cool extras like beads, covered buttons, shapes, and crocheted flowers. Features that make it easy like detailed closeup photos, step-by-step instructions, and a spirial binding to the book stays open. 96 pgs.

HOW TO KNIT $31.50 (Debbie Bliss) Nine workshops on knitting, each with a project designed to put new skills into practice. Lessons cover materials, equipment, and a collection of stitches that builds into a library. Projects range from clothing for the family to throws and blankets. Color photos and illustrations throughout. Hardcover. 160 pgs.

KIDS CAN KNIT $18.50 (Carolyn Clewer) A 1000-year-old hobby is hitting the playground and classrooms! Knitting! This is a colorful book, with easy instructions, that kids will relate to. Finger knitting, spool knitting, straight and circular needles, scarves, belts, funny-face bags.....all kinds of cool stuff in this well-illustrated book! 128pgs

Needles to get your kids started?
Clover single-point 9" Bamboo - State size: #8,#9, #10 - $7.00

KIDS' COUNTRY KNITS: More than 30 original patterns for newborns through age 5 $20.50 (Debbie Bliss) In this most adorable collection, Debbie Bliss presents a colorful array of sweaters, smocks, slippers, hats, booties, and soft toys, all in the spirit of a farmyard jamboree. Complete with full step-by-step instructions and charts designed for all skill levels, and a full-color photograph of each finished project, the patterns feature traditional country favorites including ducklings, lambs, cows, geese, piglets, chicks and hens, along with American folk-art designs. All of the projects feature the hand-crafted details and practical wearability that make Bliss's designs the perennial favorite of kids and knitters alike. 80 pgs.

KIDS KIDS KIDS $21.25 (Knitters Magazine) Funtastic knits and fantastic toys! This colorful array of fun and fanciful garments and toys to knit for kids will get your needles clicking! Features 43 prize-winning patterns for babies through teen sizes. Color photos throughout. 112 pgs.

Cutest book in the world.....
KIDS KNITS for Heads, Hands & Toes
$21.50 (Debbie Bliss) More than 40 original patterns for 0-7 year olds. Busy knitters will enjoy these fast, easy projects to make for a new baby or favorite child. From simple striped socks to a reindeer hat, from triangle scarf to fingerless gloves, you'll find what you're looking for in this colorful 80-page book.

KIDS KNITTING Projects for Kids of All Ages $15.50 (Melanie Fallick)  Think you're too young? Think you're too old? Through 15 easy projects, from bouncy bean bags to a rolled-edge sweater, author Melanie Falick teaches kids of all ages how to knit. Using straightforward language, step-by-step instructions, and candy colored illustrations, beginners learn the basics, including finger-knitting, casting on and binding off, the knit, purl, and stockinette stitches, knitting in the round, and shaping. Bright boxes of reds, greens and blues explain everything from button-sewing to tassel-tying. Photographs feature finished projects modeled by a delightful cast of young knitters. Instructions for all kinds of fun things - Bookmarks, backpacks, bracelets, even a set of customized knitting needles. A book for all ages..... 127 pgs.

KNIT A DOZEN BABY SOCKS $7.50 (Edie Eckman) Socks tend to stay on baby's chubby little feet better than booties, they are cozy warm, and they're fun and quick to knit. The colorful socks in this collection are cute, cute, cute! For those who haven't knit socks before, the book includes a couple pages of info on yarn, gauge and special techniques such as turning the heel. Includes a metric conversion chart. Color photos. 17 pgs.

KNIT AND CROCHET WITH BEADS $23.50 (Lily Chin) Sparkling Beads, strategically nestled among your knitted and crocheted stitches, bring exciting texture and color to one-of-a-kind garments and accessories. Drawing on her extremely popular workshops, designer Lily Chin presents: 16 techniques for knitting and crocheting with beads, 13 knitting projects, 10 crochet projects, methods for mixing techniques. Projects include a vest, camisol, jacket, scarf, choker, necklace. Also included are techniques for adding beaded accents to pockets, collars, scarves, pillows, bags and socks, plus a section devoted to designing your own creations. Lots of color. 150pgs.

KNIT FIX: Problem Solving for Knitters $21.50 (Lisa Kartus) Discover a cable crossed the wrong way in that gorgeous fisherman sweater? Buttonholes won't hold your fancy buttons? Lace charts and yarnovers have you stymied? With clear illustrations and instructions, Knit Fix teaches you to correct twisted stitches, figure out where those extra stitches came from, hide or repair color mistakes, close up holes, alter a finished piece for a perfect fit, revise a pattern, choose fibers, read yarn labels - and so much more. It's all here, from the basics of identifying a stitch to techniques for solving the toughest knitting problems. Hard cover with lay-flat spiral interior. Color photos. 111 pgs.

KNIT GREAT BASICS  $31.50  (Vicki Square - Brown Sheep Company)  Knit any style, any size, any gauge! Vests & waistcoats, pullovers & cardigans, tunics, jackets, coats, socks, hats, accessories! Customize your choices with a variety of design options in eight different sizes, from child small to adult extra large. Presented in line schematics and text intructions, with directions at the beginning of the book for how to use them. This isn't a book for the 'follow the recipe' knitter, but rather, a resource for those wishing to design garments from the yarn of their choice. (Brown Sheep Company's range of yarns will knit the designs in this book beautifully.) Color photos of each style; line drawings. 162 pgs.

New . . .
KNIT IT! FELT IT! $21.50 (edited by Bobbie Matela) This inspiring array of projects has creative flair and sophisticated style. The secrets of the exciting hot felting trend are revealed in an easy-to-follow format. Make spectacular felted wearables including hats, scarves, purses, slippers and mittens or home decor items like oven mitts, hot pads, coasters, wine bottle and teapot cozies. A general information section at the back of the book provides quick reference to your questions. You will love the mystery, anticipation and final finished felted projects that you create! Full color. Paperback, 176 pgs.

KNIT IT, WEAR IT!  $19.25  (American School of Needlework)  Knitting patterns every knitter will need. Thirty-one designs include gloves, socks, scarves, sweaters, booties - and even a sweater for the dog + a favorite teddy bear. 80pgs.

Sale $22.50ppd
KNIT IT YOUR WAY: Change the Yarn to Suit your Style
$31.50 (Cynthia Wise) Choose your favorite yarn, choose any pattern, and knit a project that is distinctively you!  Add ultimate versatility to your knitting with a creative, step-by-step approach to personalizing all your your projects. Includes knitting basics. The eighteen patterns in this book include sweaters, vests, scarves, socks, and purses. Full color. 127 pgs.

New !
 $20.50 (Kathleen Taylor) Knit it, shrink it, wear it! Discover the magic of knitted felt with 25 easy patterns. With this easy technique, you can create beautiful felted accessories. The process couldn't be simpler: wool yarn, simple stitches, and large needles guarantee quick success for knitters of all levels. Then throw the knitted piece in the washer and watch the magic begin! The results are spectacular - thick, furry, irresistible felt! The stylish patterns in this brand new book include a chic evening bag with glitz, adorable fuzzy toddler slippers, a warm classic cloche, novelty yarn pillows. teddy bear, slippers, double-cuff mittens. hats, and more. Colorful photos and clear instructions throughout. A winner of a book!! 176 pgs.

Nicky Epstein's KNITTED EMBELLISHMENTS 350 Appliques, Borders, Cord and More   $33.50 (Nicki Epstein) Adorn all garments with these 350 patterns for all types of embellishment. How-to for fringes, tassels, pom-poms, and ties. Cords, motifs, mock cables, frogs, and closures. Step-by-step instructions, line drawings, charts and color photos provided for these quirky, attractive and traditional adornments. 276 pgs, 350 color photos

KNITTED SHAWLS, STOLES, & SCARVES $26.25 (Nancie Wiseman) bk591u  Get ready to wrap yourself in cozy comfort. This collection of 20 functional, yet fashionable, accessories range from simple shapes that beginners will appreciate to stitch patterns and techniques that advanced knitters will love. Many of these designs work up fast enough to make "don't aways finish things" knitters happy, and are an inspiration to handspinners besides. 95 pgs.

KNITTER'S ALMANAC $9.25 (Elizabeth Zimmerman)  Projects for each month of the year, with Elizabeth's wit and friendly helpful comments to help you along. Classic patterns for blankets, mittens, socks and sweaters with step-by-step instructions. Alternative methods and helpful hints will instruct even the most experienced knitter. 150 pgs.



The Knitter's Book
of Finishing Techniques

(Nancie Wiseman) Knitted one too many sweaters that left you unhappy or confused by how to finish it? Help is here! Finishing techniques are the key to turning professional-looking projects. This comprehesive reference gives you the know-how you need to get gorgeous, polished results every time.

- More than 50 expert techniques cover increases, decreases, seams, blocking, decorative finishes, and more

- Master each method with step-by-step illustrations, easy-to-read text, and dozens of color photos.

- This handy guide is the perfect size to fit into your knitting bag, so it's easy to take along wherever you go.

144 pgs. Hardcover with inside, lay-flat spiral binding.

KNITTER'S COMPANION $21.50 (Vicki Square) bk531I This popular knitting reference provides an overview of stitches, gauges, joining, seams, borders, techniques, and buttonholes. Charts and diagrams throughout. New updated edition is a hardcover with heavy spiral interior pages, complete with knitting and needle gauges. It's an indispensable addition to any knitter's bag of tricks. 138 pgs.

the knitter's handy BOOK OF PATTERNS
$26.50 (Ann Budd) Hold this book in your hands - and you will hold instructions for more than 350 ways to warm all of the hands, heads, feet, and bodies that you love! Easy to follow charted instructions for the most popular knitted items- socks, mittens, gloves, hats, tams, scarves, sweater, and vests - all sized from baby or toddler to large adult, all written for multiple gauges to work with every weight of yarn, from fine to bulky. Both a pattern book and reference book, it's hard cover with lay-flat spiral inner binding makes it go along handily in your knitting bag. Includes a detailed glossary of techniques for beginning and advanced knitters. Author Ann Budd is the managing editor of Interweave Knits magazine. 112 pgs.



the knitter's handy
Basic designs in Multiple Sizes & Gauges
224 pgs  $28.50 by Ann Budd

Knitting one-of-a-kind sweaters just got easier. Choose a style, a size, and a gauge, and you're on your way! The six most popular sweater constructions (drop shoulder, modified drop shoulder, set-in sleeves, saddle shoulder, raglan, and seamless yoke) are presented with easy-to-follow, charted instruction,. Each style comes in fifteen sizes (26" to 54" chest circumference) and in five gauges. Counting the neckline variations, edgings, waist shapings, and color and stitch patterns, you've got more than 1500 design options! Hardcover w/stay-open spiral binding. Full cover. 218pgs.

KNITTER'S STASH: Favorite Patterns from America's Yarn Shops $36.50 (edited by Barbara Albright) bk582I One of the best books to be released in a long time! First you'll notice the variety of patterns, from small accessories (like socks, hats, tea cozy, felted fish) to major garments. Some are chic and trendy, others comfy and rural. Some patterns are easy enough for the brand new knitter, others provide fun and challenge for the most experienced. Then come the tips and ideas, gathered from yarn shops across the country. Add in the personal stories from America's yarn shops, the directory of yarn shops, and the inspiration you'll receive. This book belongs on the shelf of every knitter! Hardcover, full-color, 174 pgs. (Paperback edition is now available by special order: $21.95)

KNITTING AROUND $27.25 (Elizabeth Zimmerman) Makes all types of knitted wear on circular needles. Covers socks, sweaters, dickeys, hats, mittens, jackets and shawls. Color gallery of projects and lovely watercolors by the author. Autobiographical sketches throughout the text make this a very special book. 191 pgs.

KNITTING CIRCLES AROUND SOCKS: Knit two at a time on circular needles $26.50 (Antje Gillingham) Why make one sock and then start all over again to make a match? Instead, knit two socks at the same time on two circular needles! With this creative approach, you can skip a sock on each foot as soon as you bind off. Get off to a great start with one basic sock pattern; then experiment with seven more designs. The easy-to-advanced designs showcase lace, cables, ruffles, and more. Make cuffs. feet, and toes match exactly from sock to sock; no more measuring as you go. Discover how easy it is to convert any sock pattern for double-pointed needles to this ingenious method. Soft cover. Full color, 80 pgs.

KNITTING the Easy Way
$26.75 (Terry Kimbrough, Publications International) So you've been wanting to learn how to knit? Look no further! This book is the ultimate guidebook, filled with easy-to-follow instructions and clear, step-by-step illustrations that will insure your success. Patterns are included for 38 fabulous projects, including gorgeous sweaters, hats, scarves, blankets, children's clothing, and more. Each pattern is rated for difficulty level, allowing beginners to start with the simplest projects and move to the next skill level as they are ready. Color photos. Hardcover with spiral inside lay-flat binding, 160 pgs


Warm and Adorn Your Hands in 28 Innovative Ways
by Robin Melanson

Growing up in Cape Breton, on Canada's Atlantic coast, knitwear designer Robin Melanson learned early on the importance of gloves and mittens in a harsh winter climate. Now this self-described "mitten and glove aficionado" shares her enthusiasm for these ordinary items by presenting 28 extraordinary ways to make them for year-round style.

Featuring gloves, mittens, arm warmers, mitts, and fingerless gloves, this is the second book in a new SCT Craft series that introduces innovative approaches to creating popular knitted items. Knitting New Mittens and Gloves combines traditional and untraditional techniques-as well as influences as far-flung as Gothic architecture, Estonian lace, and Wagnerian opera-in a winning collection of patterns for adults and children. From wool mittens filled with unspun fleece and arm warmers with leather laces, to cotton-mesh fingerless gloves and silk-beaded mitts to be worn as adornments, each design has an unexpected twist.

Because they are small, quick to make, and don't require a lot of yarn, mittens and gloves are perfect projects for knitting throughout the year, and they also offer an ideal opportunity for beginning and more seasoned knitters to experiment with new techniques, yarns, and styles. With its fresh, original sensibility, Knitting New Mittens and Gloves will captivate knitters of every level. 144 pgs.

With her signature style, the bestselling and beloved needlework author Nicky Epstein offers this creative and clear guide to knitted felting. Using ten chic garments and more than 150 stunning sample swatches as examples, she covers the top techniques for turning wool yarn into vibrant and dense textures. Before and after shots show how different fabrics react to the process, and there are patterns, stitches, and techniques for lace, mosaics, cables, plaids, checks, and quilting. Create bobbles, appliqués, and ruffles; combine yarns; and use clamps, marbles, cords, braids, and more to form three-dimensional shapes in the felt. Epstein also presents her unique ideas for transforming old clothes and accessories, using one sweater to demonstrate many design possibilities. An array of attractive home décor projects completes the collection beautifully. Hardcover. 176 pgs.

The Definitive Guide to Fabulous Felting
Nicky Epstein



KNITTING: 19TH CENTURY SOURCES $26.50 (edited by J & K Kliot) Knitting instructions and patterns from the 1800's, when making their own clothes wasn't an option. Most of the contents of this volume consists of selected segments as originally published by Weldon's during the latter part of the 19th centruy. From the basic instructions, the many projects illustrate not only the pracical side of this craft, such as the making of stockings, underwear, etc, but includes many projects for amusement and novelty. 160 pgs.

...remember, our prices include shipping....

THE KNITTING PROBLEM SOLVER $3.25 (Tish Lilie) bk100Gw Within this booklet lies answers to many frequently asked questions. Chapters include Needles & Accessories, Patterns & Yarn, Measurements, Techniques, Finishings, Tips & Hints. A Storey Publishing Bulletin. 32 pgs.

KNITTING FROM THE TOP $21.00 (Barbara Walker) bk552ht Another classic is finally back in print! Knit everything from the top: sweaters, skirts, pants, + + + . b&w photos and diagrams. 121 pgs.

KNITTING GANSEYS $23.50 (Beth Brown-Ransel) Master special cast-ons, cables and increases of this beautiful classic. Complete a miniature sample gansey, learning all about gansey construction as you go. Then knit one of the author's six full-sized garments or create one of your own original designs. Info on sizing, graphing and techniques. Includes worksheets. Designed to be useful to every skil level. 151 pgs.

KNITTING IN AMERICA: Patterns, Profiles, and Stories of America's Leading Artisans $36.95 (Melanie Falick) bk543U This phenomenal book is meant to inspire and intrigue you, to show you that you are not alone in what you do. It does all this and more. Knitters, their garments, and their animals are elegantly photographed against American geography in this oversize coffeetable volume. This book is an explosion of color and design, including patterns with charts and schematics. There are 38 profiles of American's foremost designers, yarn sources, and a total of 40 patterns for socks, hats, sweaters, jackets, mittens, vests and shawls. This is one you'll pick up again and again for inspiration and to feel connected. Through it all, you see knitting as a lifeline. If you can have only one knitting book, this should be it. 224 pgs. Hardcover.

KNITTING IN THE FAST LANE $23.50   (Holmes & Colucci) Who has time to knit? Here is a book that offers more than 35 projects to quickly gratify your creative talents, whatever your skill level. Along with designs that use timesaving techniques with large needles, bulky yarns and detailed instructions, the book is full of tips and diagrams for handy reference. Whether it's multi-stranding or small-size projects, the authors will take you step-by-step to faster fashion and great gifts. Includes patterns for afghans, scarves, trendy tops, babies' and kids' projects, sweaters, vests, hats, bags, jackets, ponchos, more. Also includes an illustrated stitch guide and problem-solving tips. Lots of color photos and line drawings. 128 pgs.

KNITTING IN THE OLD WAY $41.95   (Priscilla Gibson-Roberts & Deborah Robson) Would you like to knit by watching the fabric on your needles instead of detailed instructions? For centuries, knitters have created unique sweaters that fit well by using the techniques explained in this book. You can too! You'll learn to think like a traditional knitter, create your own designs, plan sweaters that fit, shape yokes and sleeves and necklines, and solve problems that occur when you do use a pattern. The book contains 15 master plans, 85 sweater examples, and more than 230 charts for color & texture inspiration. The basics are there too, with chapters covering yarns, equipment, and knitting methods. Diagrams & photos.Hardcover. 312 pgs.

KNITTING ON THE ROAD Sock Patterns for the Traveling Knitter $20.25 (Nancy Bush)  bk581i    This book is designed to travel! Its long skinny format makes it the perfect size to throw in the knitting bag as you head out the door. Eighteen sock patterns with the simplest, most graphic, easy-to-follow instructions for learning to knit, start to finish. Color photos of practical and beautiful socks from around the world, using yarns you just might have in your own stash, makes one's fingers simply itch to knit! Layflat hardcover over a spiral binding. 96pgs.

The KNITTING STITCH BIBLE $31.25 (Maria Parry-Jones) This new book is a stunning gallery of more than 250 stitches ranging from the easiest purl stitch to the most complex intarsia. Each entry features a photo of a sample piece of knitting and a clear and concise instruction chart. A how-to-use section and a comprehensive list of symbols provide clear guidance for beginners and experts. Hardcover with an inside lay-flat spiral binding. Not your ordinary knitting book! An endless reference! 256 pgs.

KNITTING WITH DOG HAIR $14.50 (Crolius & Montgomery) bk278S A woof to warp guide for dog owners who want to make something soft and fuzzy from their pet's coat. You'll very likely find your dog, and the characteristics of his coat, in the entertaining list of breeds. Along with how-to instructions for collecting, carding, spinning, and knitting, you'll find a list of shops which carry the equipment and supplies you'll need. There's also a list of spinners for those who would rather hire someone than do their own spinning. 96 pgs.

$30.25 (Burnes, Blaydes & Tosten) bk033L This gorgeous collection of 20 projects reveals how to choose, use and show off hand-dyed yarns to their best effect. These easy-to-knit sweaters are based on simple knit, purl and slipped stitches. Make pullovers, cardigans, vests and two sweaters for men.

KNITTING WITH NOVELTY YARNS: Exploring Color , Texture and Style $36.50 (Bryant & Klein) bk812ht   Move your knitting into high fashion! You've seen the dazzling colors and luxurious textures of novelty yarns spilling over the shelves of your local knitting shop. Discover how to use these glamorous fibers with 16 chic patterns that will show you how easy it is to handle these surprisingly adaptable yarns. And if you're a spinner, the color photos will give you inspiration and unlimited ideas. 101 pgs.

KNITTING WITH WIRE $18.25 (Nancie Wiseman) If you've had an interest in knitting with wire, there is finally a book for you! Covers the basics of wire knitting including the tools and techniques for creating 30 innovative projects to handknit, Viking knit (without needles), and machine knit. 96 pgs.

KNITTING WORKBOOK $27.50 (Debbie Bliss) This illustrated, full-color book provides the all the techniques and guidance you need to knit successfully, including over 20 projects. Includes knitting basics, shaping, textures, color knitting, embroidery on knitting, edgings, and a section on using buttons and beads. Patterns for children, men, women, and even an embroidered bag and beaded moccasions. Hardcover, 128 pgs.

KNITTING WORKSHOP $19.25 (Elizabeth Zimmerman) A basic book on knitting presented with wit and wisdom by a master instructor. Covers all the skills from casting on to more advanced techniques, such as lace, shoulder shaping, and complex patterns. Hardcover, 183 pgs.

LACE FROM THE ATTIC $19.25 (Nancie Wiseman) Victorian knitted lace patterns taken from the "diary" of various 1800's women. Each one is accompanied by a large sample and clear, updated directions. Also shows ways to incorporate patterns into various projects. 96 pgs.

LACE STYLE: Traditional to innovative, 21 inspired designs to knit
$27.00 (Interweave Press editors) Lace. It's always in style! No matter what the occasion, you can't go wrong with lace. Eighteen talented knitwear designers take a fresh approach to lace with innovative designs for socks, shawls, hats, sweaters, dresses, shrugs, and more. This contemporary project collection showcases a wide variety of styles inspiring new ways to think about knitting lace. It features: 21 stunning projects illustrating diverse and nontraditional ways to use lace; A design notebook that demystifies the elements of knitted lace so you can incorporate lace patterns in your own designs, plus pointers on how to correct and avoid mistakes; An extended glossary of illustrated instructions for all project techniques. Full color, paperback, 160 pgs.

THE LACY KNITTING OF MARY SCHIFFMANN $19.50 (Nancy Nehring) You'll appreciate this book for its great projects and its great reading. A founding member of the Lace Knitting Guild, Mary was a tireless collector of lace patterns. Ranging from towels to an elaborate christening, gown, these patterns are collected here, along with accounts of Mary's long life of lacy knitting. 96 pgs.

THE MAGIC LOOP: Working Around on One Needle $8.50 (Bev Galeskas - Fiber Trends) Trade in your double-point needles and use only circulars. Make socks, mittens....anything you would use dp's for! How-to and a few patterns in this booklet. Suggested needle length: 40". 20pgs.

MEN IN KNITS: Sweaters to knit that he WILL wear $30.50 (Tara Jon Manning) What exactly does a guy want in a sweater? Discover his preferences and style, choose colors and textures that flatter his physique, then make it fit so that it will be his favorite. Here is a collection of 20+ original designs for men and boys, including traditional styles, historically based garments, and trendy fashion-forward pieces. Choose from Aran, argyle, basketcase, and cabled rib patterns for knitting cardigans, pullovers, V-necks, and vests, as well as accessories such as scarves and gloves. Make the next sweater you knit for him the success you want it to be. Clolor photos, 144 pgs.

MORE SWEATERS: A riot of color, pattern and form $21.25 (Lise Kolstad & Tone Takle) This is a book for beginners and experienced knitters alike - both for use and inspiration. If you want to experiment and design your own garments, this book will help you get started. An abundance of charts, sketches, detailed studies, and photographs depicts the endless possibilities in the world of knitting. If you just want to start knitting, there are 21 detailed patterns inspired by Norwegian tradition. 144pgs.

NANCY LINDBERG PATTERNS These are those wonderful "turquoise" patterns that everyone loves! Some are felted in the washing machine, giving you a thick, dense garment. Others are completed once you're done knitting. A variety of sizes, children to adult, are given on every pattern.
Felted (Fulled) Mittens - sport yarn $3.75
Felted (Fulled) Gloves, woman/man sizes - sport yarn $4.75
Felted (Fulled) Slippers - bulky yarn $4.75
Felted (Fulled) Scuff - bulky yarn $3.75
Felted (Fulled) Helmet Hat - knitting worsted $3.75
Knit to Fit Ankle or Calf Socks - any weight yarn $4.75
Fittin' Mittens - your favorite yarn $4.75
Double Knit Headband - sport yarn $3.75
Beginners Headband (knit straight or circular)
- knitting worsted $3.75
Mini Christmas Socks - leftover yarn! $3.75
Double Knit Hats - knitting worsted $4.75
Head Huggers - scarf w/hood, circular scarf, cowl $4.75

NEW BABY KNITS $20.50 (Debbie Bliss) More than 30 patterns for 0-3 year olds. Easy-on, easy-off baby outfits to fashion jacket/hat/boot sets. Fair-isle sweaters, Navajo jackets, bulky arans, a crocheted hat. This outerwear selection is practical and stylish! 80 pgs.

 New Pathways for Sock Knitters
Book One

Cat Bordhi



"Cat Bordhi has once again turned the sock knitting world on its heel. Bordhi has the unique ability to see in an object something completely different from what you or I may see. This book stems from one such observation: The arch stitches in socks don't need to go where we've always put them. With a little understanding, you can put those stitches anywhere within the arch area - for example, in an orderly column or placed randomly - with equally successful results. Bordhi outlines eight sock architectures based on this principle, with master patterns that can be customized for any foot, yarn type, or needle, in any size ranging from infant to large adult. More than twenty additional patterns round out the collection. This is just book one. I can only imagine what'll come next." - Clara Parkes, INTERWEAVE KNITS MAGAZINE, Summer 2007
Color photos, line drawings, 136 pgs.




(Amy Singer)

Get cozy with some of the most luxurious fibers on the planet with this guide to the wonders of knitting without wool. Learn all about nonwool yarns, including cotton, silk, linen, soy, bamboo, hemp, Tencel, and rayon. Discover their origins, characteristics, and how to make subsitiutions to achieve similar effects in wool. Then delight in 21 knockout patterns, including sweaters, scarves, and socks, all created with fibers that never traveled on four legs. This knitworthy collection of nonwool designs takes the itch out of your stitch but keeps the fabulous in fiber! Full color, soft cover, 160 pgs.


NOT JUST MORE SOCKS $20.25 (Sandi Rosner) Look at these 16 out-of-ordinary knitting projects for self-striping sock yarn! Gloves, mittens, socks, pillows, hot water bottle cover, pet bed. No old-fogey styles here! Color photos, 76 pgs.

NOT JUST SOCKS $20.25 (Sandi Rosner) Use self-striping sock yarn in new ways to create 18 warm, whimsical handknitted projects! Here you'll find good basic sock patterns as well as a wonderful collection of everyday accessories, including scarves, hats, gloves, mittens, etc. Beautiful Lana Grossa sock yarns are used throughout. Full color, 76 pgs.

NURSERY KNITS $19.95 (Debbie Bliss) This book contains more than 30 imaginative designs, from all-in-one baby outfits and knitted garments to toys and baby blankets, all inspired by traditional nursery motifs. Patterns are easy to follow and knit, combining style and practicality, and are suitable for knitters of all skill levels. 80 pgs.

A PASSION FOR KNITTING $21.50 (Nancy Thomas & Ilana Rabinowitz) Here's the world of knitting right at your fingertips! More than a how-to book, A Passion for Knitting goes beyond teaching the craft and introduces readers to the culture of knitting. In Part I, you'll find fully illustrated instructions for learning stitches and mastering technique, presented with unprecedented clarity. They're so simple that you really can learn without a teacher! With this book in hand - and no prior experience - you will be able to knit a gorgeous sweater, scarf, or throw. Part II welcomes new knitters to the worldwide knitting community, exploring the myriad benefits this popular craft has to offer. This unique section invites readers to tap into the power of knitting as a means of reducing stress and expressing creativity, meet designers in the knitting world. discover opportunities for networking/conventions/tours, use their knitting skills to support charities, and learn about fashion trends. All of this, plus a friendly format - fun to read yet loaded with information. A book that stands alone! 270 pgs

"POLO" - Child's Sock Collection $5.25 (Janet Rehfeldt - Skacel Collection) bk635sk Here are eight nice sock patterns to fit children approximately 3 to 7 years old. Though the pattern book is written for Polo, a Skacel cotton/acrylic yarn, you can use any yarn that knits to 6.5sts/inch on a #4 needle, or 7 sts/inch on a #3. If you've got a handspinner's mind, you've probably already been thinking, "Thicker yarn, bigger gauge, bigger socks...." Sock patterns, which are pictured in color,are titled: Cables - Busy Little Bumble Bee - Red, White, and Blue Plaid - Little Denim - Patchwork - Plain and Simple - Sporty Little Stripes - Spiraling Ribs. 13 pgs.

PULL UP YOUR SOCKS $8.00 (Patons) bk602ht  Make comfy socks for your whole family! Choose from 15 designs to make in a variety of wool yarns. Complete instructions and charts. Color photos. 30 pgs.

PURSENALITIES: 20 Great Knitted and Felted Bags $21.50 (Eva Wiechmann) bk627u  First knit, then felt - and let your "pursenality" pack a fashionable punch! From small, sleek handbags to roomy totes, these quick knitted and felted designs rank high on style and simplicity. You won't be able to make just one! Go trendy or traditional with Vintage Bubble Bag, Summer in the City Tote, and pretty, petite purses. Choose from easy projects that are worked on big needles with 100% wool and a splash of dazzling novelty yarns.  Get a unique look with felting. Simple instructions make the technique a snap. Full color, 63 pgs. 

PURSENALITY PLUS: 20 New Felted Bags $21.50 (Eva Wiechmann) bk629u Twenty more patterns and ideas for knit-then-felt bags!. Embellish with grommets, pockets, buckles, felted flowers. Knit projects on big needles with 100% wool and novelty yarns; then follow easy instructions for felting. Patterns include a cell-phone holder, and eyeglasses case, and a cosmetics pouch. Color photos. 64 pgs.

SALLY MELVILLE STYLES $31.50 (Sally Melville & Knitter's Magazine) A unique and elegant approach to your yarn collection....The problem: what to do with all the wonderful yet-to-be-knit yarns that an avid knitter collects? Sally found answers to questions common to all knitters. "What do you have to work with? How do you combine colors? What yarns go together?" The solution: how-to knowledge, plus 27 great designs for vests, pullovers, coats, jackets, cardigans, a coat dress, a purse, and even a multi-size, multi-breed dog coat! 144 pgs.

$23.50 (Pam Allen, editor of Interweave Knits) Innovative to traditional, here are 31 inspirational styles to knit and crochet. Expect to be surprised by this elegant, whimsical and ingenious collection! Features: updated classics in timeless stitches; scarf that also functions as a pair of portable sleeves with a turtleneck; a triangular shawl based on traditional Estonian lace patterns; a deconstructed striped scarf held together with brightly colored bobbles; a design notebook brimming with ideas and techniques to inspire you. Lots of color! 151 pgs.

SCARVES AND SHAWLS FOR YARN LOVERS $26.50 (Carri Hammett) bk183ht It's all about the yarns! Explore knitting with over 70 yarns such as ribbon, boucle, super bulky, multi-fiber, and smooth. Learn to use simple stitch patterns that show each yarn at its best. Change yarns and use the same pattern to create a dramatically different scarf. Learn about combining yarns, knitting stripes, adding ruffles, and more techniques. Get tips and coaching that will make your knitting more relaxing and enjoyable. Hardcover w/spiral interior, color photos, 112 pgs.

 by Charlene Schurch

This is the only book on sock knitting you'll ever need! Choose virtually any yarn, gauge, stitch pattern, and size you like - with nearly 1,000 variations, the possibilities for knitting fashionable to funky socks will last a lifetime. 80 pgs.

Discover more patterns, more stitches, and more styles-this follow-up to the award-winning bestseller Sensational Knitted Socks presents new possibilities for knitting great socks! Combine the yarn, gauge, stitch pattern, and size of your choice to knit more than 1,000 variations of adult- and kid-sized socks Start with 11 basic designs; then try loads of different looks with an all-new stitch-pattern library. Choose your favorite technique-use four or five double-pointed needles or two circular needles. 112 pgs.

SETESDAL SWEATERS: The History of the Norwegian Lice Pattern $41.50 (Annemor Sundbo) Lusekofta, the "lice" pattern sweater from Setesdal in Norway, has one of the world's most knitted and varied sweater designs. In this colorful book, the author has collected old photographs, historic newspaper articles, and descriptions from many people to help with her research into the magic of the Setesdalskofte. She has discovered exciting cultural history incorporating faith, superstition, politics, and technical inventions. The history, combined with the earliest patterns for these famous sweaters, will give inspiration and ideas for creating a sweater the Setesdal way, from knitting the patterns to working the unique embroidery that surrounds the collar and cuffs. Hardcover. 160 pgs.



Shadow Knitting
$23.50ppd (Vivian Hoxbro)

For your next knitted project, let your knitting needles be your wand and perform an optical illusion using the techniques presented in Shadow Knitting. This form of knitting uses a simple technique of alternating rows of dark and light yarn to produce a subtle patterning the appears and disappears depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Projects are accompanied by step-by-step instructions and beautiful photographs. Included are winged shawls, matching cap and scarf, vests, sweaters, Japanese-style kimonis, more. 144 pgs.

SHAWLS AND SCARVES $21.50 (Knitter's Magazine) This collection is the best from Knitters! Techniques, beautiful illustration and photography. Shetland and Faroese favorites, a medley of shapes, luxury yarns & fibers. 105 pgs.

SIMPLE SOCKS, Plain and Fancy
$16.50  (Priscilla Gibson-Roberts) "Simple Socks" is destined to be a classic for sock knitters. This is not the everyday pattern book. Instead, it offers both the ideal structure for socks and all the techniques you will ever need for any imaginable design! It's a treasure trove of information for the astute beginner and seasoned sock knitter alike. Softcover, 8"x9", 112 pgs.

on Two Circular Needles

(Cat Bordi)  This is the first book ever to teach knitting with two circular needles. Knit socks faster and more gracefully with 300 fewer "intersections" per average pair of socks. Besides the basic 'how-to' information with tips and techniques, this practical book includes: 11 designs from simple to sophisticated, a basic pattern to fit man, woman or child; a better fitting felted boot introducing Cat's turned toe, the smoothest toe on the planet; tricks for durability! The technique also works for gloves, neck bands, cuffs and hats. 44 pgs. $18.25



 SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS: 70 winning patterns

(edited by Elaine Rowley)  Six steps to sock success! It's easy with these fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions, even if you've never knit a sock! A sock for every knitter: beginning, intermediate, experienced, and adventurous. Socks of all sorts: Color, Icelandic, Kids, Lace, Simple, Texture, Whimsical. The only thing you won't be able to do is knit just one! 113 pgs. $21.25 ppd


Lace Faroese-Shaped Shawls From the Neck Down
and Seaman's Scarves

(Myrna Stahman)  Here's a new, knitter-friendly book for all skill levels. It provides knitters with an alternative method for knitting these beautiful shawls and scarves, as well as giving information and encouragement on designing your own. Lots of lovely patterns and how-to. 152 pgs. $31.95

STYLE AT LARGE: Knitting Designs for Real Women $29.50 (Carol Noble) Jackets, cardigans & pullovers for medium to plus-size women. 95 pgs


$21.50 ppd

365 Knitting Stitches a Year
Perpetual Calendar

For the first time ever, knitters can access hundreds of knitting stitches in a perpetual-calendar format. With a different stitch for every day of the year, this clever calendar design makes a valuable addition to every knitter's pattern collections.

Instructions for 365 easy to advenced knitting stitches mean knitters can refer to their calendars year after year

Each day spotlights a beautiful swatch in a full-color, close-up photograph

Stitches range from simple knit and purl to ribs, cables, laces, and dozens of textured patterns.

Convenient size: 5" x 6"
384 pgs, spirial binding with easel back

TOPS WITH A TWIST $16.25 (a Special Publication from Spin-Off Magazine) Hats are what you'll find in this collection of fabulous, inventive entries submitted to Spin-Off's hat contest.There are 17 fun and funky hats to knit and one to crochet, with close-up photographs, accompanied by easy-to-understand instructions. 80 pgs.

TOY KNITS $21.50 (Debbie Bliss) More than 30 irresistible soft toys for you to knit - from pigs and cuddly teddy bears to dolls, sheep, cows, a sad donkey, and even a kangaroo. Beginning and advanced knitters alike will enjoy these easy-to-knit projects, many of which can be created in a matter of hours. Clear instructions and delightful photos accompany every toy in the book. One of our best sellers...Just wait until you see it! 79 pgs.

A TREASURY OF ROWAN KNITS: 80 Patterns from Favorite Designers
$41.95 (edited by Stephen Sheard) Find designs to suit every taste, occasion, and skill level in this one-of-a-kind collection. Choose from dozens of techniques, from basic moss stitches and stripes to decorative lace, Aran, and Fair Isle. Relax. Hand knit. Create! Hardcover, full color. 288 pgs.


The Twisted Sisters
Sock Workbook
Dyeing, Painting, Spinning, Designing, Knitting

(Lynne Vogel)  The title gives a big clue: this book is about sisterhood, sharing, crafting, giving, laughing. It's also about spinning yarn and making socks - glorious, zany, wildly colorful yarn for perfect-fitting socks. The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook has it all - techniques, patterns, invaluable tips - for creating authentic, perfect, made-to-order footwear. Even socks for new babies or socks with ten toes. 96 pgs. $20.50

The TWISTED SISTERS KNIT SWEATERS: A Knit-to-Fit Workshop $26.95 (Lynne Vogel) Say goodbye to standard sweater sizes and predetermined knitting gauges! Lynne Vogel's Knitter Fitter System is a two-part method of sweater designing that lets you create patterns based on your own body measurements and yarn gauge. The Fitter List records all your key body measurements and the Sweater Map shows how those measurements translate to numbers of knitted stitches and rows. In clear language, Lynn will guide you through all the necessary steps to construct sweaters from the bottom up (or top down), from side to side, or a combination of directions. She'll teach you how to make successful variations to necklines, sleeves, and shoulders, and how to add color and stitch patterns, collars and edgings, no matter what size you wear or yarn you use. This book will show you how to make every type of sweater imaginable, provide a foundation for infinite color and stitch-pattern variations, and adjust increasingly challenging projects to a person's needs regardless of body size or knitting gauge. Full color, paperback, 143 pgs.

 2-at-at-Time Socks

Melissa Morgan-Oakes

 Sock Knitters everywhere know the frustration of Second Sock Syndrome. It goes something like this: A cute new sock pattern and soft, foot-warming yarn lead to many happy knitting hours, resulting in...ONE sock. The first sock is done (and it's adorable!) but pattern distraction sets in. Who wants to knit the same project all over again? There are so many new projects waiting to be discovered. Melissa Morgan Oakes ends the drudgery of the second sock by showing knitters how to cast on and knit two socks at one time on one long circular needle! Her method is captured in step-by-step photographs, clearly showing knitters how to turn out two socks at the same time. Goodbye to lonely, abandoned single socks. Hello to unlimited pretty pairs, knit on one needle (often finished on the same day), and worn with pride and that gratifying sense of accomplishment. Oakes is a dedicated knitter, knitwear designer, and knitting instructor who has known the frustration of Second Sock Syndrome. Her easy-to-learn technique enables sock stitchers to adapt any pattern to her two-at-a-time method. But before experimenting with other patterns, readers will want to try Oakes's 15 original designs. Fun and creative, they include simple to complex choices, a variety of yarn weights, and designs for women, men, and children. Hardcover, inside spiral, 144pgs.

A Traditional Scandinavian Technique also known as "Twined Knitting"
$25.00 (Anne-Maj Ling) Two-ended knitting is a Scandinavian knitting technique where one knits with two ends of the the same yarn, resulting in a unique look. This translation of a Swedish book provides basic information, patterns, and photos of wonderful mittens, hats, socks, and sweaters. Interesting to read and easy to follow! 104 pgs.

TWO STICKS AND A STRING: Knitting Designs Inspired by Nature $31.50 (Kerry Ferguson) 15 distinctive sweaters, vests, jackets and cardigans. Experiment with rich, earthy colors, gorgeous yarns, and beautifully textured designs. 96 pgs.

VIVA PONCHO: twenty ponchos and capelets to knit $18.50 (Christina Stork & Leslie Barbazette) bk728ht   Ponchos are versatile garments. They can be worn as a cover-up for a day on the beach, or slipped over the shoulders as an elegant wrap for a night on the town. They make a cozy alternative to ward off the chill of an over-air conditioned office, and make a sweet gift for someone who has everything. Enter Viva Poncho. This fun, fresh book contains twenty poncho and capelet designs to fit every season and every style, from wraparounds to serapes, raglans to rectangles. Patterns suitable for both beginners and experienced knitters are included. Color photos, 134 pgs.

VOGUE KNITTING $36.50 (Editors of Vogue Knitting Magazine) This one volume incorporates a very wide variety of information, making it an extremely useful book to have in your knitting library. History of knitting, supplies, basic techniques from how-to for beginners to specialized applications for more experienced knitters; precise explanations of knitting instructions (terminology, symbolcraft, abbreviations and clarifications of some the most commonly misunderstood instructions); correction of errors; circular and double-pointed knitting; color knitting, stranding, weaving and mosaic knitting, professional blocking, assembling and finishing techniques and tricks, a stitch directory with charts and instructions, designing. Includes a sheet of graph paper which can be copied for your own design work. Hardcover. 280 pgs.

VOGUE KNITTING on the go $14.25 per book This popular, small hardcover series is small enough to carry conveniently in your knitting bag. Choose a subject that you love to knit, then pick from a variety of styles from "Very Easy Very Vogue" to "Experienced Knitter." Each book has 90+ pages with projects pictured in color. Choose from:
- Scarves (26 patterns)
- Socks (20 patterns)
- Socks Two (..and more sock patterns)
- Vintage Knits (socks, bed jacket, golf gloves, pixie ski cap, lace stole, sweaters, slippers, more)

VOGUE KNITTING: VERY EASY KNITS $31.50 Chic and simple is what it's all about! Knit fashionable sweaters, coats, and ponchos for women, men, and children, no matter what your schedule or skill level. Included are more than 60 fabulous designs from Vogue Knitting magazine, with easy-to-follow instructions and full-color photographs. Hardcover, 160 pgs.



Each issue of Wild Fibers Magazine focuses on a different fiber animal from around the world including cashmere, bison, musk ox and yak along with exceptional stories and photographs about all aspects of the fiber industry. Published quarterly (Jan - Apr - Jul -Oct) back issues only are available - please inquire

"Lushly photographed, this mag is the National Geographic of the knitting world. The emphasis here is the source of every knitter's stash - the animals whose coats become yarns. Filled with illuminating stories about breeders and there flocks - sheep, yes, but also yaks, rabbits, goats, camels, llamas and buffalo - it heaps praise on the industry's unsung heroes." - Yarn Market News, March 2006

WORLD OF KNITTED TOYS   $16.75 (Kath Dalmeny) This is one of the cutest books in the world! Animals from every corner of the world have inspired this wonderful collection of more than 50 toys designed to be knitted in two sizes - clutch, perfect for a child's hand to hold, and cuddle, big enough to be hugged. From penguins to parrots and rhinos to a kangaroo, these cheerful creatures are just waiting to become someone's best friend. The clear instructions, easy-to-follow knitting patterns, and step-by-step guide to the main knitting knitting techniques and basic stitches bring every one of the designs within the reach of even a complete beginner. Lots of color, 128 pgs.


yarns to DYE for
creating self-patterning yarns for knitting

$23.50ppd (KathleenTaylor)

Create self-patterning yarn like the pros! This new book offers an easy, inexpensive, and fun way to dye your own self-patterning yarns. No other book details this intriguing process. Kathleen Taylor guides you through each step: selecting yarns and equipment, wrapping and tying skeins and balls for dyeing, painting and dyeing yarns, and knitting quick and simple garments that show off your marvelous yarns. Projects include: mittens and fingerless gloves; hats, headbands and scarves; lots of socks; leg warmers and slippers; sweater, shells, and vests; children's and adult's patterns. design ideas for variations and improvising. Color photos, paperback. 101 pgs

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