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"What kind of wool should I use for felting?"

Some wools felt better - faster, easier, and harder - than others. It's best to do a test piece before beginning a project to make sure that what you are using is going to work. Following are some of the wools we've found to work well for felting:

fi-214 Corriedale crossbred wool top
  A lofty, versatile, budget-priced option in a natural white $14.95/lb 1.12¢/oz

*fi-224  Corriedale Wool Sliver This is a nice wool, one of the best for felting and easy for beginning spinners to use. From Ashford. See fi-314 for dyed colors.
   Natural white $24.95/lb $1.88/oz
    Med gray, silver gray, dark gray $28.95/lb $2.18/oz


Dyed Corriedale
Wool Sliver

fi-314 $27.95/lb $2.10/oz This versatile New Zealand wool comes in rich, pure colors for spinning alone, blending, or felting. By Ashford. Moss, Navy, Marigold, Fir, Eggplant, Pumpkin, Teal, Lilac Haze, Nutmeg, Sky Blue, Rose, Berry, Periwinkle, Black, Chili Pepper, Smoke, Copper, Camel, Lima bean, Chocolate, Blue, Green, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Turquoise, Yellow, Red, Cherub, Ice, Apricot, Mint, Cupcake, Sweet Pea, Honey, Candy, Indigo Lagoon, Lime, Lavender, Lemon, Pansy, Raspberry, Tangerine, Butterscotch, Toffee

Prepackaged color variety packs:
1-lb dyed Corriedale Color Pack   $29.95

includes a random mix of approx 24 colors (pictured)
2-oz dyed Corriedale Color Pack   $10.95
1/10-oz each of 20 colors

1-lb Color Packs also available in
dyed Merino top $36.50

*fi-316 Merino Solid-color Dyed Wool Top $34.00/lb $2.55/oz Soft, silky, beautiful colors. Excellent for felting as well as spinning. Brown, Red, Black, Pewter, Purple, Peach, Horizon, Turquoise Green, Olive, Buff, Pumpkin, Tartan Green, Blue, Sky, Plum, Midnight Blue, Pink, Khaki, Yellow, Garden Ivy, Pine, Teal, Lavender, Salmon, Rosewood, Maroon, Navy, Coral, Begonia, Ice Blue, Dusty Green, Gold, Camel, Burnt Orange, Violet, Mocha, Ruby, Lime, Peacock, Fuchsia, Vanilla, Spice, Cinnabar, Mint, Bottle, Dijon, Nutmeg, Lilac, Aqua, Steele, Crocus, Bitter Chocolate, Grey, Carbon, Magenta, Patina, Wine, Aqua, Cafe Au Lait, Glacier, Celery, Jade, Hyancinth, Royal, Berry, Eggplant, Tomato
1-lb Multicolor Variety Pack, solid dyed colors $36.50  Colors will vary from pack to pack.

fi-322 Merino Multicolor Wool Top $35.95/lb $2.70/oz. Dyed Merino wool has been combed into multi-color tops, offering striking color combinations similar to the Superwash Merino and Colonial Wool Tops. Rose Quartz (dusty pink) , Sandlewood (aged gold), Cranberry, Garnet (purpley eggplant), Mohave, Sapphire (soft lavender/blue), English Garden (greens,blues), Endicott (fuscias & turquoises), Baltic, Laurel, Sage, Denim, Midnight, Forest, Amethyst, Thistle, Primrose, Snapdragon, Daffodil, Cassis, Hollyberry Discontinued color: Sunset: 46.4oz available
Go to to see color samples of their complete line. Detta's is happy to special order if you see something we don't have listed.

fi213 Mill End Fibers $13.25/lb $.83/oz Projects don't have to cost a lot if you're flexible in your planning. Our assortment varies, but it's all nice stuff. Wool, mohair, blends, white, colors. You'll have to call and ask what is available. Better yet, stop and dig thru the box yourself! Sold as packaged, from a few ounces to a few pounds.   

Wool prices include shipping if you are ordering more than $80. If you are getting less than $80 of wool and yarn combined, please add $4.00 for mailing.

Use the per pound price if you are ordering 1-lb or more of that fiber. If you want less than a pound, use the per ounce price.

Icelandic Felting Batts are available directly from our friends at Misty Meadow Icelandics.   Judy McDowell  952-472-0883

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