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A NEW COAT FOR ANNA $8.00 (Ziefert & Lobel) bk264G This WWII story, with delightful color illustrations, is based on a true experience of wearing a too-small coat because there were no coats, hardly any food and little money. Anna's mother trades grandfather's watch for wool from a farmer, and continues to barter until the new coat is finished. Sheep shearers, spinners, dyers, weavers, and tailors will delight in the warm Christmas story , ending with a visit to the sheep to show them their wool. Second graders should be able to read most of the words in this story that touches all ages. 40 pgs

BOYS DON'T KNIT $8.95 (Janice Schoop) bk163G Marvin accidently unraveled half the sweater that his grandmother had knit him, and it was the very day that she was coming to visit! What should he do? His friend's grandfather had been a sailor and had learned to knit at sea. He repaired the sweater for Marvin just in time! Before long, Marvin learned to knit too. A cute book for ages 3 to 8.


The Story of a Happy Dog who Kept her Famiy Warm

$11.95  (Detta Juusola) bknikki This delightful true story will entertain and educate youngsters and adults alike as Nikki, a Samoyed, shares her fur with her family. A happy and playful dog, she provides soft, fluffy fur to be made into a beautiful blanket. After months of brushing, spinning and knitting, the lovely blanket is finished. Nikki looks at it and smiles. She has shared her coat to keep her family warm. The book contains an inspiring section for people who are interested in learning to spin. Easy to understand instructions take the reader from the beginning stage of collecting the dog's hair to the final product - beautiful yarn. A yarn sample is included. 64 pgs.


HOW TO SPIN A RABBIT $11.00 (Helen vonAmmon) bk516G The author wrote this loving, informative book to dispel the often asked question, "Do you kill the rabbit?" Chandron, a very much alive, mischievous Angora rabbit reveals, from her viewpoint, details of the Little Fur Factory. She and her bunny pals, Pooff and BunBun, happily contribute their beautiful fur and watch Helen spin it into yarn for sweaters and stuff. Warm and fuzzy, its delight multiplies with each reading. Outstanding color illustrations, 28 pgs

KIDS KNITTING Projects for Kids of All Ages $19.50 (Melanie Fallick)  Think you're too young? Think you're too old? Through 15 easy projects, from bouncy bean bags to a rolled-edge sweater, author Melanie Falick teaches kids of all ages how to knit. Using straightforward language, step-by-step instructions, and candy colored illustrations, beginners learn the basics, including finger-knitting, casting on and binding off, the knit, purl, and stockinette stitches, knitting in the round, and shaping. Bright boxes of reds, greens and blues explain everything from button-sewing to tassel-tying. Photographs feature finished projects modeled by a delightful cast of young knitters. Instructions for all kinds of fun things - Bookmarks, backpacks, bracelets, even a set of customized knitting needles. A book for all ages..... 127 pgs. Hardcover.



$10.95  (Detta Juusola & Lavona Keskey)  bksunny   We knit socks. Sunny, a lively Golden Retriever puppy, steals socks. Follow along as Sunny and his young handler, Marla, work their way through a beginning dog obedience class, transforming a young ruffian into a canine good citizen. Story is followed by a chapter on basic dog obedience. Spinners and knitters will enjoy seeing their craft portrayed in the charming illustrations. 64 pgs. (P.S. Sunny still likes socks. He'll meet you at the door when you visit the shop, but promises not to take yours. He'll autograph your book too.)

SUNNY'S MITTENS $16.25 (Robin Hansen) bk186de Sunny's first knitting project is so boring that she never bothers to finish it. So when Sunny wears holes in her mittens, she and Nana decide that Sunny should learn to knit by making something useful, fun and attractive: Swedish Lovikka mittens! They are soft, very warm, and knit up quickly. In just a few days, Sunny completes a new pair of beautiful wooly mittens, worked in the round, felted and brushed to fuzzy softness, and charmingly decorated on the cuffs with simple embroidery. This wonderful book gives detailed instructions and has more than 30 illustrations to help young knitters (or adults too) create their first pair of mittens. It's a wonderful way to learn stockinette stitch, casting on, decreasing, knitting on four needles, felting, and other skills! Recommended for ages 9 and up. 48 pgs. The yarn called for in the book is Bartlettyarns Fisherman Bulky, one 4-oz skein per pair of child's mittens. If you'd like to get some yarn with the book, it's $6.00 per skein, in natural white or colors. Needles? You need double-point #10.5 or #11. Order Brittany birch dp size 11, $10.95.

YOUR SHEEP: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing $16.25 (Paula Simmons & Darrell Salsbury FVM) "How can I get my sheep to come when I call?" "What shall I give my sheep to eat?" "How can I help my sheep stay healthy?" This book will be a constant source of help, whether you have just purchased your first sheep or are experienced with animals and would like to learn more. Learn about caring for your sheep properly, showing your sheep, making equipment and using the fleece. 120 pgs.  
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